Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Well hello World and HAPPY FRIDAY! I feel sooooo behind on the blog (and life in general) after being gone for 10 days! I just barely know where to begin recapping our fabulous beach vacay.  Perhaps, it's because of the 5700 pictures on my phone. But, I have begun my attempt, so hopefully that post will be coming soon.  In Two Parts. Maybe 3. 

Anyway, in the meantime, let's do some Friday Favorites, shall we? Today, I'm linking up with Erika because she took one for the team and is modeling some FAB FALL FASHION on her blog today. I don't know about you, but the end of July means August which means football season is NIGH which means I need a sweater and some boots. And a cowbell. I say all this as it will still be 100+ degrees in Texas for another 90 days. A girl can dream, right?! we go....

1) Speaking of Fall.....I FINALLY gave in and purchased the "BLARDIGAN" at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yesterday. This term is coined by one of my FAVORITE blogs, Sheaffer Told Me To, which means Blanket + Cardigan = Blardigan. She's been going on and on about it for 3 years and it's sort pricey, so the only way I would buy it would be on sale and yesterday I just happened to be in Nordstrom and happened to have some birthday money in my purse. I tried this thing on and ladies it is AS SMOOTH AS BUTTER. It is heaven on your body. I am ALWAYS cold, and sport a hoodie around my house all day long. (I'm blaming my thyroid issue and the fact that my husband is practicing to live in ALASKA) . So I knew I'd wear the heck out of this thing and sure enough, I pretty much haven't taken it off since I bought it.  I looked super redneck pulling my birthday money out of bank envelopes at The Nordstrom, but I didn't care. They had my size and color on sale and I had a toddler playing with the ALL THE BRAS at the register, so I had no time to worry about sophistication. (P.S. Although this looks like a regular cardigan, it's made by a lingerie company, so you'll find it in the pajama/lingerie section.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is open to the public, so grab your slice of butter cardigan heaven here. I got the shorter one that's a little more fitted. 

I know it just looks like a regular cardigan, but SERIOUSLY. I wish there was a touch and feel feature for computers!!! It's amazing. And the perfect setup for you nursing girls!  

The Calypso wrap version is SUPER POPULAR TOO this was the original Blardigan, but I'm 5'1", so it was a little long and bulky for me. I do love the ombre look though. I KNOW my sis is digging' the ombre. 

G had an INCREDIBLE time in the uber posh fitting room with the triple movable mirror. THEY DON'T MAKE 'EM LIKE THIS AT THE MARSHALL'S. Seriously, I could have eaten lunch, had a playdate, and taken a nap in there.

2) Two Fridays ago, I posted the neatest chart called the 30 Day Declutter Challenge. An immediately afterwards, I spotted his little jewel......

3) Speaking of napping, I kept meaning to post this pic of 'Lil G a couple weeks ago. Y'all, when I started the packing process for our beach trip, I realized we needed ALL THE THINGS. We ALL needed shorts, swim suits, shoes, toiletries, underwear....EVERYTHING.  You don't realize what you need until you try to start packing for a week. Apparently I was just wearing the same Danskin shorts and t-shirt ER'DAY. So me and 'Lil G essentially shopped all wee long for our trip. This is how he felt about ALL THE ERRANDS.

And you know what?! Even though I got some really cute and much needed summer wardrobe, I still wore the same pair of shorts and shirt essentially everyday after our pool/beach time.  #WINNERSNEVERQUIT. (Granted, they were a new pair of "active wear" shorts. So at least I have a new rotation.)

4) I also found this pretty funny on our way to the beach last week.  You can't see it well, but right next to our terminal to Mobile, Alabama, was the terminal for Chihuahua, Mexico.  So close, YET SO FAR AWAY. #twochoices

5) And finally, here's another random little nugget for you.....two of my favorite bloggers, Melanie Shankle (The Big Mama Blog) and Sophie Hudson (Boo Mama Blog), have their own podcasts and I absolutely LOVE them! It is the most random collection of entertainment, beauty products, and college football talk, and it's amazing! I have a hard time paying attention to really "deep" podcasts with a toddler in the back, so this is the most easy car-listenin'.  I randomly clicked on #29 on the way back from Destin and I WAS IN STITCHES. You can find all their podcasts here.  Listen now and thank me later!

Okay-that's all the random I got today! I committed to hosting a "Banana Split Party" at 10:30 last night that begins in an hour and a half, so I better peel this Blardigan off, put a bra on, get dressed, and get MOVIN'!


Monday, July 10, 2017

10 Daily Habits

I bring you this blogpost from a beachside balcony! I'm listening to the waves crash while my little cherub is totally passed out from a long day! It's been the best! NOT the best is my internet connection, so I can't get to creative with pictures and such.  

Today I stumbled upon a great linkup called "10 on the 10th" via a darling blog called Tractors and Glam. (Don't you want to go read it solely for the name?!) Perfectly Port, another precious blog actually sponsors the linkup and has all types of fun topics to blog about on the 10th of each month! 

Today was "10 Daily Habits", so I thought I'd join!  It's hard to decipher what are "daily habits" versus "daily routine", so I'll try to stick with just random habits of mine, but I'm sure they'll run together!  

1) Quiet time/prayer: This has looked different throughout my life, and at times it was non-existent. I have started the intentional habit of getting up before my family for quite time.  It took some getting used to (because waking up BEFORE a baby never makes sense) but it is totally worth it, and I treasure that time. When I don't get it, I'm totally off! 

2) Making my bed: Another one that has been a non-existent "habit" for me most of my life.  I remember in college thinking how OBNOXIOUS it was to make your bed, because weren't you just gonna climb right back in it? Now, I feel like it's the ONE thing I CAN accomplish and control every day, and it makes me just feel better and makes our master bedroom look like adults live here. 

3) Moisturize: I'm just obsessed with good face moisturizer. I simply CANNOT make it through the day without moisturizing in the morning and at night before bed. I never, ever, go to sleep with makeup on. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even be able to fall asleep. I love Bare Minerals Butter Drench (I would link, but...the internet speed...), and recently I've fallen in love with Clarins Hyrdra Essential. It smells really good and is super soft on your face. 

4) Shoes, please: I simply CANNOT be barefoot. It doesn't matter how clean my floor is, I just can't stand residue on my feet. Hence I am ALWAYS in flip flops or slippers even around the house. Jessica Simpson seems to design the cutest slippers, FYI. (Edit: I say this is a traipsed around the pool/lazy river/beach all day barefoot, but there was really no choice there. And yes, it grossed me out.

5) Take water to bed: I'm pretty sure this has been a daily habit since I could drink water. My mom would always bring me a glass of water when she'd tuck me in at night and I remember knowing she was on the way because I could here her walking down the hall with the ice clicking in the glass. (Thanks, Mom.) I can't imagine waking up in the middle of the night not having some water to hubby thinks this is odd, so I dunno...I guess this is a weird habit. 

6) Reading before bed: It doesn't matter how tired I am...I HAVE to read something, even if it's one page from a book, before I got to sleep.  The idea that you could just walk in your bedroom, crawl in the bed, and turn out the light, is so odd to me. 

7) Potty-ing IMMEDIATELY before bed: And after I finish said reading, I HAVE to get back up and potty LAST THING before I close my eyes.  Even if I really don't have to go! I've REALLY tried not doing this, but it bothers me so much that I finally just have to get up and go! 

8) Eye Mask: So I guess I have a lot of nighttime habits, and wearing an eye mask to sleep is one of them. I started this when we were newlyweds because our master bedroom had the BIGGEST WINDOW that was so bright in the morning, and I didn't wanna spend $$$ on blackouts. (This was also before we had children, so we could actually sleep until AFTER the sun came up.) Anyway, I can't stand any amount of light, which is comical because as I child, I was terrified of the dark and sleeping in my room by myself. Now I simply cannot fall asleep with my mask.

9) Singing "God is So Good" to Greyson: This became our nighttime lullaby since birth.  I have made up so many reasons/verses about why God is So Good, that I could put anyone to sleep. I think I've sang it SO MUCH at bedtime that I'm pretty much conditioned to start singing when the clock strikes 8:00.  Heck, sometimes, I think I'm singing it to myself at bedtime. I'm pretty sure Greyson is quite conditioned too, cuz once I start serenading him, he starts rubbing his head.  Lord, if he learns that in Sunday school, he's just gonna fall out on the floor. 

10) Daily To-Do List: I LOVE a list and CANNOT go through the day without making a list and checking it off. Even if there's nothing huge to accomplish or anything planned, I still put the minor things.  I think it helps me to look back and at least see what I HAVE accomplished that day, even if it is taking a shower or running the dishwasher! 

So there you go! That's 10 habits that I really do EVERY DAY! I'd love to hear yours! 

“How we spend our days, is of course how we spend our lives" ~ Annie Dillard

Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Favorites: The ALL CAPS Edition

Edit: I just realized I used an enormous amount of ALL CAPS in this post. Just in case I wasn't getting my point across. So here you have it...the ALL CAPS Edition...

HAPPY FRIDAY to YOU!!! Looks like my little cherub is sleeping in this morning, so I'm doing ALL THE THINGS....quiet time, blogging, even worked out!!! The bad news is that if I let him sleep ONE MINUTE past 7:45, then I forgoed (is that a word?) the afternoon nap! 

Anyway, I'm linking up with Erika today for Friday Favorites! She's all sorts of adorable modeling some summer tops from Nordstrom! Grab the graphic and join the link-up! 

1) Speaking of Nordstrom, I got SO TICKLED when this popped up on my Facebook Feed as something they "thought I might like".......

LISTEN. I LOOOOOVE some Christmas, I've even been know to sport a fleece onesie. BUT I DRAW THE LINE at a reindeer onesie with a bowtie. WHAT about anything I've purchased recently makes me think I would need this in my cart? I'm pretty sure the last think I purchased at The Rack was an adorable swimsuit top. Jeremie DIED laughing.....

2) Mr. Precious is ALL OVER THE MAP lately.  Can I just say that in regards to mood/behavior/obedience he is either a ONE or a TEN. THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN. We are either doing SUPER AWESOME or it is the Day of Reckoning. And he is either REALLY INTO something or completely despises it. Oh, and both of these emotions could take place ABOUT THE SAME thing all in a matter of 2.5 seconds. Did I use enough CAPS to describe toddler-hood?...

On this particular car ride home he HAD TO BE A BUNNY.
3) I feel like the social media world was really putting out some good stuff this week. I loved this little meme......

I really think there is something to this! Maybe with any relationship. There's something about 7 years with anything I think (friends, marriage, even work!) where it seems like your feet are put to the fire! Apparently your taste buds change every 7 years, too, so maybe that's got something to do with it! ; ) Anyway, if this is true, that means Meg, Mary, and Kelly, YOU ARE STUCK WITH ME FO' LIFE. (Family: you don't count, you never had a choice.)

3) I also saw this HILARIOUS little gem on the FB this week and had to share.....

I will say that my hubby MIGHT be the exception to the rule.  No, don't get me wrong, when he's down HE'S OUT (because he rarely gets sick), but when he's sick, he doesn't want ANY ATTENTION. He just wants a bottle of NyQuil and to be left alone.  I personally want ALL THE THINGS. The pampering, the bowl of soup, the blankets.  Heck, when I had my wisdom teeth taken out, J gave me my cowbell to ring when I needed something.  AND I USED IT FREELY. 

5) Something about being home with Greyson this summer has made me want to declutter the heck out of my house. A toddler has a great way of pulling EVERYTHING out to show you just how much junk you really have that you don't need. Greyson has a way of finding things that I didn't even remember I had. The thing is that unless I want to spend the entire nap time every day working on decluttering, I only have a few minutes every day to work on one little area. I saw this 30 Day Declutter Challenge on the Love and Marriage Blog and I LOVE it! I might have to participate. And maybe I'll document! 

6) Bonus! I usually do 5 Favorites, but I have to mention my absolute FAVORITE thing about this week is that my hubby and his partner officially launched their business that's been in the makes over many months! I was a bawling heap o' tears as he left for work on Launch Day. It's just been amazing watching him work towards a dream and see it come to fruition.  Perhaps I'll eventually document that in an incredibly long blog post one day!

Okay! That's all I've got for today! I hope you've enjoyed my incredibly random mix of Friday Favorites! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Summer O' Fun Week 4

Hello and Happy Week FOUR! I can't believe it! We didn't knock out too much on our bucket list this past week because the Fourth of July holiday and shopping for our beach trip! 

Swim lessons were on the official bucket list and we wrapped those up last week.  Our teacher is doing some improvements to the pool and closed until August...which is fine, because we have quite a busy July coming up...

I was LOVIN' this little swim class full of ALL BOYS! Boys are just so hilarious to watch.

Greyson did great for his last few swim lessons and in the end, I'm SO glad we did them. I think this was the perfect age to start lessons, because he can actually remember and absorb what the teacher said. He still recites the little songs that go along with the skills and it certainly gave me some pointers on how to work with him over the summer!
Our big bucket list outing last week was the new public "pool", Jack Carter. This place is WAY more than a "pool" though, it's more like a water park! Look at the huge water slides and pool area!  

This is NOT what our rec pool looked like in my hometown!
There's also a lazy river, wave pool, and huge rock wall that you can climb up that has a diving board off of it.  Kinda like a high dive.  You can see it in the background here....

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-12, they have Tot Time, and ONLY the little tot area is open. So the littles pretty much had free reign over the whole park.  It was amazing because it wasn't crowded and the tiny tots weren't getting run over by the big kids. (The park opens to everyone at noon.) 

The tot area is covered, Praise the Lawd, and it had some really fun little water features. 

Greyson was OBSESSED with this little slide.

The bathrooms are new and clean and there are several covered picnic tables.  I absolutely LOVED this place, and Greyson probably had the best time of all the splash pads/pools we've been to so far.  If you're local, you HAVE to check out Jack Carter!

Saturday we visited my dear friend and her little sweetheart. She's about a year younger than Greyson, but little miss stood her ground with her toys and they had a big time.  ; )

Tuesday was the Fourth of July, so we got all dolled up in our Red, White, and Blue and hit the parade in Downtown McKinney! 

I forgot to put down any Fourth activities on the bucket list, but this parade has been on my list of things to do for years! So we finally made it and it was adorable.  

I love that even though McKinney is quite a large and growing suburb, it just has a small town feel. Greyson loved the drums, cars, and of course...the tractor float. 

Afterwards, we went swimming at our neighbor's and had some watermelon and strawberry shortcake.  Last year, G did NOT care for the Cool Whip, but this year he was ALL IN! 

We enjoyed the extra family time this week....Jeremie's company OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED, so there's been some LONG days for Dad...which also means LONG days for Mama!

Looking forward to a sweet summertime trip soon though! Hope you're having a fabulous week and enjoying your Bucket List too!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June Recap!

WHEW!!! June, you've been good to us. It's been a whirlwind and I don't think July is gonna slow down much more!  

I feel like Greyson has earned two promotions this month: 

1) Master of the Potty:  I'M SOOOOO excited to report that we have finally gained some ground on the #2 situation.  I can't remember the last time he had an accident to be honest. Thank goodness, because we were about to dip into our 401K to purchase more character underwear.  

2) Prince of the Pool: At the beginning of the month, we started swim lessons. And let me be honest when I say that it was the most money we've ever spent to watch our child cry for 30 minutes. I was like LORD HAVE MERCY is this for real?! But all the other moms kept encouraging me, and sure enough, about our 4th swim lesson in, Greyson decided he loved the teacher and loved the pool.  We have been visiting our friend's pool a lot this month, and this child is obsessed! He wants to go swimming every day! And he likes to pick out his own swim trunks.'s the short of the long for June....

We kicked off the summer with some fun time in the sandbox with our buddy Preston. 

Later, Preston tried to play Superman by squeezing through the stair spindles and onto a landing that overlooks our foyer.  (Nine feet in the air). Fortunately, I walked into the living room because we knew they were too quiet and saw Preston perched up there like a little bird. So we calmly but urgently commenced Operation Save Preston's Life.  The ironic part is that WHILE this was happening Jorie and I were in the kitchen talking about the safety of the spindles in the house she's building and whether we think they are dangerous for the toddlers to get through. #clearly

The successful rescue earned them both suckers. #boylife
We kicked off our Summer O' Fun with a trip to the Heritage Farmstead Museum (they had firetrucks visiting, so DUH) and a Luau themed-Noonday Party

SOMEBODY was really into the "hula dancing"...
We checked out the Grand Opening of the new Legacy West...

Greyson loved the fountains that go to the music!
And of course started the infamous Swim Lessons..

In the mean time, I've been working my new gig with the Dallas and Collin County Moms Blog! SO FUN!

You can read all about our Summer O' Fun Week 1 here

The next day, we packed it up and headed to Mississippi! 

Mississippi was full of the, food, tractors, trains, four-wheelers, etc. For an in-depth recap of our trip to Hospitality State, click here. ; ) 

Greyson came back wanting to be JUST LIKE POP. He put on his camo shirt and got to work on his tractor.  

We made it back just in time for Father's Day weekend. We took a trip to the Arboretum and Greyson's first movie experience, Cars 3! He did great and it was super cute.  Still love the original Cars movie the best! We missed MATER!

The Arboretum is the only place in Dallas you can get views like this! #myhappyplace
The Summer O' Fun Week 3 continued with more splash pads, swim lessons, and trips to the pool. I feel like I've mastered the beach bag packing and also gotten quite the start on my tan, so there's a extra little bonus!

We also celebrated my birthday with a trip to Legoland and Rainforest Cafe, which I adored. I don't know who was more delighted by the roaring tigers and gorillas beating their chests every 10 minutes. For Greyson it was sheer amazement and entertainment, and for us, it was the real opportunity to have a two-handed dining experience. Whoever came up with this strategy is definitely a parent. Thank you, Rainforest Cafe. I did twitch a little bit every time the waiters came out with a Volcano Cake obnoxiously singing Happy Birthday. Jeremie Wells would do it to me in a heartbeat. Good thing we already had cake at home.

We also had a little picnic and drill practice at the Cowboys Headquarters. 

And between all our outings we've had some super fun time at home playing. I know it sounds like we are super busy, but trust me, there's lots of hours in the day with a toddler, and we do spend a lot of them staying home in our jammies....

Watching Monster Trucks with Lambert...

Or reading the Bible with Lambert.....; ) 

OR putting on our fire gear and "oxygen masks" to play firefighter....

I can't tell you how many cats we've rescued from trees.....WHY IS THIS THE MOST COMMONLY PUBLICIZED FIRE FIREFIGHTER PROBLEM??? I'm pretty sure this is NOT the biggest concern of our hard-working Plano firemen. 
So June was a big hit and I can't believe it's already over. Even though the days and weeks are a little longer without Mother's Day Out and other activities, we are having the best time.  It just hit me that I get two more of these summers before this little dude goes to real school and that makes my heart skip a beat. After that, I'm guessing summers are a whole new ballgame. These are precious days.

This is pretty much how we all feel about June.
July is a BIG exciting month for us! Jeremie's company is launching after almost 21 months in the making! AND we are headed to the beach with my in-laws, so I couldn't be more excited about that! 

Clothes are being washed, bags are being packed, and outfits are being matched to color palettes for family photos! I've ALWAYS wanted to do a beach photo shoot!

I hope your Summer O'Fun is a blast and you are making some great memories too!