Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh Savannah!!!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated J's 30th Birthday in "The Hostess of the South": Savannah, GA. We had a great time, it is such a charming town with so much history. The town was a planned city, so it has all these beautiful squares every 3 or so blocks that are adorable. If you didn't know, Forest Gump was filmed in Savannah, one of these squares houses where he sat on that famous bench. Look familiar?

We stayed in what was supposed to be a haunted hotel, went on several tours, and must I even mention, ate like kings and queens. One of our favorite places was St. John's Cathedral, which was absolutely beautiful.

Being the traditional person I am, I wasn't going to let J get away without having an official birthday party including unwrapping gifts and birthday cake. We toted all the gifts up to our hotel room that our families sent (might I add were carefully wrapped in duck tape) where we celebrated. Thanks to all who sent gifts to complete the party.

Personally, one of my favorites was the caramel apple covered with pecans. J like the Ice Cream at the creamery. Like, I said, we don't go hungry. We had a great time......

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