Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inlaws & Outlaws.....

My sweet In-Laws visited the other day on their way back from an incredible road trip vacation. J and I thought we were the masters of state-hopping, but they put us to shame-I think they visiting like SIX towns. Their last stop was Savannah, GA, which is quite charming and Tally is the halfway point from their neck of the woods. It was great to see them; I wish they could have stayed longer. I made my new recipe for "Taco Pizza" and we caught up on their amazing vacation.

Now, I know she looks sweet, but you can see where my hubby gets his competitiveness......

Love you Mitch & Cate!

I'll stick with the theme and tell you Jeremie's In Laws will be visiting this weekend for Mom's second annual birthday trip to Tally.....Looking forward to seeing ya'll!!! for Outlaws...we have seen those around Tally as well....I think this picture speaks for itself.

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