Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Special

There are 4 Things to Celebrate Tonight:
-It is Friday! For all of you in South MS, join me in singing the redneck song "It's Finally Friday!!!!"
-We have a new laptop!!! I no longer have to tear J away from his Fantasy Football scores and Genespage just so I can get online! I hope this means more blogging!
-Tomorrow J and I will see the Dawgs upset the Gators AT THE SWAMP!!! Yes, I say that confidently so I will convince myself that we will win. If any of you Bulldog players are reading this, we are praying for you. Seriously. We ask God to bless our food and bless the Dawgs. Is that wrong? We are attending the game with some good friends here in Tally who are split: one is a Gator, on is a Seminole. Should be interesting...SOMEONE is going home unhappy tomorrow. Hope it's not me and J. If we lose, I'll just make up a good excuse, like Alabama fans.
-We are eating homemade lasagna. It is incredible, mainly because J put about 4 cups of cheese in it.

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