Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ringin' in the New Year @ the Gator Bowl

Okay-so I'm starting to catch up! We're up to New Year's now!

We had a fabulous New Years, as we headed down I-10 with many other Bulldawg Fans to watch the Gator Bowl. At first we were a little dissapointed that we didn't go to the Peach Bowl, but our 2.5 hours drive compared to a 5.5 hour drive to Atlanta was quite nice.

We arrived in Jacksonville just in time for the Gator Bowl Parade, which was actually much bigger than I expected. We got to see the Famous Maroon Band and it was awesome hearing the cowbells echo through the downtown streets. (Our opponent was Michigan, so not too many folks made the long haul to the Sunshine State. P.S. Michigan fans now hate cowbells.)

I was pumped up about New Year's Eve, because we got to get all dressed up and go to the "Dawg Pound Party" which was at a really nice convention center. We got to see several of our friends, which was a great time. I have been complaining for the last two New Years that we have stayed home. The party was great, but to be honest, I missed our homemade New Years complete with bottle rockets, sparklers, roman candles, and tanks (my childhood favorite.)

So on New Year's morning we were up & at em ready for our Gamdeday Breakfast. (We stayed at an adorable Bed & Breakfast for which Jeremie got big points for. ) We ate with some very nice Michgan fans and met some fellow Dawgs, Mr. & Mrs. Thad Harrell, who we are forever grateful to. See, Thad had a parking pass, but no clue how to get to the stadium. So he struck a deal with J that we could ride with them and take advantage of this extremely close parking as long as J drove their car to get us there. As crazy as it sounds, jumping in the car with people we only met 15 mintues prior is not strange for me and J. I mean, we still vacation with people we met on our honeymoon....(Love ya Bart & Jen!)

Anyway, so we make it to the stadium in about 15 minutes and wave to the other people in miles of traffic paying $150 to park 2 miles away.

Now-let's get to the important stuff-we DOMINATED the Wolverines. They left with their tail between their legs. It was incredible. The scoreboard says it all...

The was definately MORE COWBELL. Thanks to Cate for my new favorite MSU Shirt.

And after a long game and lots of cheering, we definitely needed some R&R at the B&B......

By the way.....this place was called The Inn at Oak Street if you are ever in Jacksonville and want a great place to stay. It was the true Bed & Breakfast experience with all modern amenities. And in a trendy neighborhood with lots of restaurants and shops......

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