Sunday, April 24, 2011

Viva Stark Vegas!

Catching up on the last few weeks of life....Jeremie and I recently made the 7 hour trek to Starkville for Super Bulldog Weekend. We packed in as much festivities AND food that we could. Saturday we hit up the traditional sidewalk sale at The Lodge where they have all things MSU and I almost spent our month's savings. With a little niece or nephew on the way, it opens up a whole new world of shopping. No one will wonder where this baby's loyalty lies.

We met up with Debbie, Amy, and Mary Perry for lunch at......the Grill! Mary and I realized that we have not seen each other in over a year which is just plain blasphemy.

Then we headed to the baseball game, which we won't talk about, but we enjoyed the socializing anyway. Well-the girls did---poor Jeremie was surrounded by 3 women most of the day, but he was a good sport. The Maroon & White game was next, which gave me just enough a taste of football that I am now ready for the season again!

That night we hit-up Old Venice-another Starkville classic, complete with crawfish rolls and pizza.

Sunday kicked off with the BEST donuts in the world in my opinion--Shipley's. We ate our breakfast on campus and met up with the dynamic duo (Amy & Roxie) to walk around campus and take some pics. Manny got his first tour of MSU and looked like he really enjoyed it.

Campus is always beautiful--but springtime is just breathtaking; the lawns and flowers are impeccable. It was great to be back at the place that has served as a backdrop for all the 4-H camps, where I got my education, met some of my best friends, and most importantly where Jeremie and I fell in love.....

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