Monday, November 21, 2011

Will You Marry Me?

Sigh....the beautiful question Jeremie asked me 3 years ago today that wasn't even a question at all.  What I thought was a trip to The Junction to set up our tailgate tent for the Arkansas game turned into Jeremie on one knee in front of the Chapel of Memories.  I was TOTALLY stunned!  Fortunately I get to re-live the moment any time I want since J hired a photographer to catch the moment.  (Infinite points for him...)

Our 2.5 years of marriage have been a BLAST and such a blessing.  Don't believe all the crazy "ball and chain" jokes you hear....if you marry your best friend, it's awesome.  Not to say there aren't challenges....merging two lives together is not easy...but at the end of the are together.
In honor of the famous proposal 3 years ago, J surprised me with this tonight:

In addition to the flowers and chocolate, I didn't take a picture of the deer steak, fried green tomatoes and mashed potatoes that we had for dinner....  : )

I know it sounds kind of silly to make such a big deal of an "Engagement Anniversary"...and we don't do this every year.  (I had NO idea J was going to spoil me with goodies tonight.) But if you know anything about our dating history, we dated about 4 years and were so ready to be married.  But every time it seemed like we were getting closer (with jobs, financially, etc.) something would get in the way, and our engagement was delayed about 2 years later than we had originally hoped.  It was a frustrating time for us, but honestly, it drew us closer together and closer to God.  And eventually, He began to open all the right doors at the right times (just love how He does that).  So for us, the engagement was a big step forward we waited for a long time.

BTW, J is totally bragging about how many points he gets for this, and also how many points his guy friends are getting points deducted for this......At this moment he is cuddling with Manny and whining about how I didn't get him anything.....For better or for worse, right???

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  1. Ha! I love it. I'll have to show Bart this blog. And I'll be sure and tell him that he gets points deducted, but then again he's so far ahead of the curve for the great husband he is that it won't bother his points much.

    Jeremie is such a great guy and we can't wait to see you all again sometime.