Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Christmas Revue

.....And no, I did not misspell "review".  One form of the definition of "revue" was "theatrical entertainment"and I'm pretty sure each Christmas activity we participated in was theatrical and here goes.....

We kicked off the season with our third annual trip to Thomasville for Victorian Christmas, with our friends, Tiffany and Ryan in tow. This year did not disappoint and was full of beautiful decorations and entertainment.  One of my favorite things is the live Christmas Nativity/skit which reminds me of our Christmas play we used do at church every year. (We'd essentially dust off the old trunk with the angel & shepherd costumes...and instant Christmas play.)  It was adorable.  Even funnier was that Tiffany and I got "shushed" by a little boy in front of us.....we just couldn't stop laughing at the donkey kicking the heck out of its handler behind the barn. 

Jeremie's favorite thing about Victorian Christmas is the roasted corn that you smother with butter and your choice of spices.  Unfortunately, both boys seemed to choose too many spices and were having a hard time eating their corn.  But they seemed to be enjoying it anyway.

The next day we made our second annual trip to the Lawn Mower/Golf Cart Parade in Havana.  Havana is much smaller than Thomasville, but no less entertaining.  The Donaldsons joined us and we had a good time shopping, watching the parade, and just being plain silly.  

Don't ask me why there was a helicopter on display at the Lawn Mower  Parade...all I know is that it made for a hilarious picture.
After the parade, we made our way to another party at our friend's John and Susie's.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures from this party.  It was a cookie swap, so I may or may not have been stuffing my mouth the entire time.  Too busy too take pics.....and there wasn't really anything left to take pictures of anyway.  Nevertheless, we had a blast with The Andersons, The Bushes, & The Colavecchios.  

My office Christmas party next on the docket.  They surprised us and took us to the Publix cooking school, which was a blast!  We made crawfish etouffee, gumbo, crabcakes, oysters & my personal favorite: homemade ice cream with pecan praline caramel sauce!  Can't say that I could make everything again, but it was a really fun experience.  
Wasn't a fan of touching the raw oysters....

I am blessed with great co-workers!  We all keep each other on our toes....
Moving right along to one of our favorite events, the Tacky Sweater Christmas party.  Our Sunday School class is not afraid of a little competition, so Jeremie went all out and impersonated "Cousin Eddie" from National Lampoon Christmas Vacation. He found the hat, the green corduroy pants, the thin was hilarious.  He took away the Most Tacky award, which, I guess is something to be proud of.  I sported an Old World Santa sweatshirt that Mom made about 20 years ago. Good times.

These boys are taking Tacky to a whole new level. 
And with that, I conclude this years Christmas Revue.  Until next year!  

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