Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Home on the Range...

Well folks, we have finally arrived.  Just wish all of our stuff would. We got word last night that our goods have been split up and the first half arrives tomorrow.  I sure hope my clean clothes and our bed is part of the first half.  I didn't pack enough clothes for this long and I'm tired of hotel life.  Manny hopes that all of his bacon treats also arrive in tomorrow's cargo.

So Manny and I are sitting on the floor in the rental house in silence.  I've spent the last 2 days here waiting on the cable guy & the gas guy.  Of course they couldn't have come on the same day and they both tell you they'll be here between the crucial hours of 12-4.  Makes for fun day.  Yesterday I actually filled my new housewife duties nicely and cleaned this place top to bottom.

The journey here was long-on the way we stopped in Fairhope to see Lauren, Gray & our sweet nephew, and then headed to MS and spent a couple nights with our parents.  Of course we made the necessary trips to Hudson's & the fish camp while there.  For my friends who have never heard of a "fish camp", it's actually a type of restaurant, usually decorated with stuffed deer, turkey, bobcats, etc., and who's main features are coleslaw, hushpuppies, and catfish.  If you want to be difficult, they'll feed you a hamburger steak, but they look at you funny when you order it. My mom threw me her own going away party the night before with steak, chicken, sausage, baked beans, potatoes and rum cake. The next morning she made me beignets. I love how parents are the eternal providers.  My mom also packed me & J "to go bags" for the car full of snacks and an "emergency bag" full of toilet paper, paper plates, and cleaning supplies. All have already come in handy.  Parents still just know what you need even though you think you don't.

J has been at the office the last couple days, so Manny, and the gas & cable guy are about the only other people I've talked to.  Quite the change for me; I'm gonna have to find a hobby real quick.  : )  This afternoon, I'm hoping to explore a little bit.

Once we get our house presentable I'll take pictures and post them.  We've already gotten a notice from the city that our grass is too high, so that's definitely on the To Do List this weekend.  IF our lawn mower shows up.

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