Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday Punchlist

There isn't really one thing that I have to blog about so I'm going old school bullet point list: 
  • For all of you who are requesting pictures of the house: I would LOVE to be able to post pictures, trust me; but we're not completely finished with any one room in the house that I'm confident enough to post a picture of. The bedroom is getting pretty close, but the lack of bedskirt and lampshades still wrapped in plastic made me decide against it.  I was afraid it'd show up on Pinterest as a "What Not to Do."  
  • Projects that have been completed: painted the bedroom, loft, and started the upstairs bathroom today. Changed 80's gold doorknobs to bronze. Changed 80's black electrical covers to Ivory. Changed 80's doorbell to one that is safe to touch.  It's the little things that add up to BIG $$$ and lots of time. All this being said: I LOVE our home, it is so fun finally being a homeowner.
  • J started a new big project today: he is building an entertainment center! He has been very strategic in his planning and it's going to look great. BUT, any big construction project can be nerve wracking, so his prayer at suppertime last night sound like this:  "Dear Lord, thank you so much for this day. Please bless our efforts on our new project and grant me the artistic ability that I don't have to do it right."  I cracked up. I think the Good Lord did too. 
  • Our new house is close to EVERYTHING, including the new Trader Joe's which is a specialty grocery store. Jeremie and I do "App (Appetizer) Night" every Friday, and we thought we had it perfected. Usually it consist of cheese, olives, salami, bread, etc. Trader Joe's has opened up a whole new world to us.  Mac n' Cheese Bites. Mini Tamales. Wantons. Twenty extra pounds. 
  • I have started a new bible study on Genesis. I'm gonna be honest-I automatically thought: "Genesis....I know all the stories in Genesis"......Oh, but I hear God cracking up again......there is more packed in those first two verses than I ever even knew.  Looking forward to what it ahead!  
  • The Bulldogs are undefeated. This bullet point list is now complete. 
Happy Trails from the Wells!

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