Monday, October 15, 2012

Home Improvement: Part I

Whew! Home ownership has proved to be hard work!!! We have been working on projects ever since we moved in it seems like, and I'm finally able to post some pics of a couple finished (or mostly finished) endeavors.

The upstairs bathroom was something I wanted to tackle right away; it was an "English Pea Green" color, and let's be honest, does ANYBODY actually like English Peas?  

So here's a Before: 

And after: 

The color still doesn't really show up in the picture, but it's a soft grey.  I love it and LOVE all the colors in the shower curtain! One room down......all the others to go! HA!  

While I did the bathroom, J started on a much bigger project that took more than a weekend! He wanted a media unit that would hide hold all of our electronics and also give us some more storage. So after MUCH planning, calculating, drawing, and a few trips to Lowe's, the carpenter went to work. 

We started out with this: (obviously the TV, stand and side table were on the wall to the right, I just forgot to take a "Before" picture)

And our house was full of this: 

And the final product looks like this: 

We are waiting for some cushions to be sewn that will go on top of the benches on each side.....but hey, we've come a long way, baby. There are no words for how PROUD of my hubby I am!!! I knew that he had skills, but honestly, he completely impressed me with this. He worked so hard; the only thing I had to offer were my painting skills. The best thing.....there is not a cord in sight! LOVE it!  

And here are some extra pics of the living room for those of you requesting pics.  There is still a lot of decorating I want to do.......but it's  HOME. : ) 


  1. I adore your living room! It looks clean and so comfy! calming... :) J did a great job on the entertainment unit. send him to my house next!

  2. The bathroom and living room look great! I do believe Jeremy must have gotten some of those incredible "buildit" genes from his dad:)

  3. I like English Peas. And your living room! :)