Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

I CANNOT believe that it is the last day of 2013!!! I don't think this one flew by as fast as last year, but still crazy that we are entering yet another year. In no particular order, here some memorable things about 2013:
  • After much prayer, tears, and frustration, the infamous Vertigo finally let go! 
  • On the bright side, this gave me an excuse to watch all 3 seasons of Downton Abbey in essentially one sitting.
  • We also watched all seasons of "24" in their entirety. Not sure how proud I am though that we watched 8 years of TV in 9 months. The curse of Netflix. 
  • LOTS of friends  and family had a baby. I would never try to name each one for fear of leaving someone out. But you know who you are; I love all of you and your babies! 
  • Jeremie and I finally went to Wyoming; something we've been talking about since we were in college. It was fantastic and I am in love with that place! 
  • Ladies Football Camp. I think I blogged about this here. But I am still talking about it and Jeremie just rolls his eyes.
  • I really enjoyed decorating the house. This DOES NOT include painting the 77 spindles on the staircase, which almost made me lose my religion.
  • We joined a small group through our church and fortunately these people are as crazy as we are. (And if they read this, they will not get offended, only laugh.)  
  • I took a 16 day trip to MS and even though this included fantastic reunions with family and friends, I will never stay away that long again.
  • Texas continues to be Texas. At Bible study the other day I heard a lady say "Ohh, yes, GOLD is the best neutral!"  I also had a lady at Stein Mart tell me that a sweater made my hips look big when I asked her opinion.
  • This year I finished a study in Genesis and began Matthew. Absolutely incredible what God can do through His Word.
  • When I asked J what came to mind when he thought of 2013, he said "Home".....Dallas now feels like home.  That made me smile!
  • I noticed today that some people posted that 2013 was the best year of their lives and then I know others who are going through unspeakable tragedy right now. That really makes me think. Ecclesiastes 3.
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope yours is safe, fun and joyful.

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