Monday, March 30, 2015

Texas Tulips!

The weather this weekend was GORGEOUS so I really wanted to get the fam out to do something fun. (Actually, last weekend was pretty nice too and Jeremie chose a family outing to the local BBQ joint.....see where our priorities lie...well, it was pretty awesome....) 

So my friend had told me about this tulip farm about 30 minutes north of us so we decided to check it out.  And OH MY STARS at the gorgeous field of flowers. Ladies. Is this not every girls dream. A photo shoot a midst a field of tulips. 

Is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen???? My boys. My heart.

You were able to pick the tulips for a small fee of $2.50 per flower, so J put me on a budget before we got started! ; )

Greyson seemed to enjoy the outing as much as he enjoys any other outing like the grocery store or the mall....with the expectation that he is getting milk within the next 3 hours.  But we sure did have a blast getting our little family out in the warm sunshine after a bitter end to the cold winter!

Maybe our tulip pickin' will be an annual tradition!

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