Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday....When I Grow Up

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to share what I wanted to be "when I grow up".....

Funny thing is I'm 30 and I still don't really feel "grown up".....my heart tells me I'm still fresh out of college but my pajamas at 8:30 p.m. tell me I'm a has been.

Anyway.....like most humans, I went through seasons of what I wanted to be when I grew up......

As a young child I was convinced that I wanted to be....drum roll please......an 18 wheeler driver.  I just thought it was SO COOL that you could have a BED in your truck. I don't know what else inspired me, but I do think I dreamt of a PINK cab. How cool would I be rolling up in the Love's Station?

Image result for 18 wheeler with pink cab

My obsession with this book series made me think I wanted to be be a cool baby sitter...

Image result for the babysitters club
"Katie's Great Idea" DOES have a good ring to it"......
If my 2015 self could talk to my 1995 self, I would strongly warn myself that "babysitting" is the least "glamorous" job of them all.

And on we go......in middle school, I was convinced that I wanted to be a lawyer after a fiery mock trial that our PRIDE program did. I was the prosecutor and you better BELIEVE I got a manslaughter verdict! Now I just listen to John Grisham books on CD.

In high school I decided I wanted to be a piano teacher.....and I actually DID this! From freshman to senior year, I had a handful of students that I taught beginner lessons to. And I loved it! They were so precious--we had recitals, they competed and all! I was so proud! After I graduated though, I knew I'd be headed to MSU, so I shipped them off to someone who could "further" their knowledge. I had pretty much tapped out on my level of teaching!

My love of agriculture and animals led me to think that I wanted to be a veterinarian. So I did the most natural first step to becoming a veterinarian and got a job as a pooper scooper. And I have to say, aside from the.....poop.....I LOVED this job because I loved the animals and all the craziness that goes on in the vet; I ALWAYS had a good story on my hands. (Now I just have a scar from a devil of a Standard Dachshund named Earl that took a chunk out of my ring finger.)  Anyway, after working most all holiday weekends and realizing that I had to pass chemistry to be a vet, I hung up that dream. But after spending a couple of years cleaning up.....poop....I was definitely inspired to have SOME type of reputable career. (Which, really, when you think about it, I'm just back to being a pooper scooper...)

So by this time, I was in junior college and it was time to make a decision. After a chat with my Ag instructor/advisor, Agricultural Economics won in the end. It was a good combo of agricultural and business, which I liked. So after a couple rounds of summer internships with the Land Bank, I ended up becoming a Loan Officer/Appraiser.  Whoda thunk it? Being a banker sounds dull, but being a farm banker is anything but dull.  I had my hands in everything from million dollar timber farms to chicken houses. And worked with great people.

And now my livelihood is is MOM. I always wanted to be a mom, but really always envisioned myself continuing my career. (But hey-like my dad always said: "Get a degree so you don't NEED a man, but marry one that doesn't make you use it!") Ha! But for real, raising a child is the hardest, most challenging but most rewarding job ever! My agenda is packed. My boss is my child. My pay is the smiles and giggles I get from my lil man each day. My bonus is a good nights sleep.

So I may or may not be "something else" when I "grow up".  Right now, when I grow up I wanna be the Greyson's biggest fan, best friend, prayer warrior and protector.

And at least I don't have to take chemistry.........

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