Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites


EVERY Friday I have it on my to do list to link up with Friday Favorites Well, I'm trying to be faithful to my 2016 goals that I mentioned in this post, so here goes....

1) One of my favorite "Mom staples" has become these Nike Dri-Fit pants. I'm sure the "Dri" part is supposed to be to keep you dry from all the sweat from your workout. Trust me, I've got a toddler, I'm working out. Anyway, they just fit PERFECTLY. They're not crazy long and the waistband kinda "tucks" you in if you will. And they aren't the shiny slick workout fabric. I've actually worn them with a tunic and Toms and it legit looks like an outfit. I get them at Academy.

I actually have this print and Jeremie calls them my Tiger pants. Instead of taking his flirty comment in the way he intended it, in my toddler state of mind, I said "and what does the tiger say? ROOAARR! " 

2) Now let's talk about my new favorite OBSESSION called Walmart Grocery. I wanna dance, I wanna sing, I wanna shout it from the rooftops what a game changer this is. Y'all.... if I had to choose one housewife duty that I like the LEAST, it'd be grocery shopping. I don't mind the cooking, I even don't mind the clean up as much. But I can't stand to spend a bunch of time in the grocery store. It's like the black hole. Even with a specific list I somehow waste a whole bunch of time, end up with things I don't want OR can't find the things I NEED. And then there's the loading it IN the car and getting it OUT of the car. You add a toddler to the mix and we're looking a whole bunch of crazy.

Let me pause and say I realize this is a first world problem. In the big picture, I am incredibly thankful and grateful I have the resources, ability, and overwhelming abundance of food at the tip of my fingers. I've been to places that don't. But, if you're an average American reading this-you can't judge me. Just tell me the last time you had a blast sweeping the floor. That's right.

Anyway, this amazing, free service allows me to "grocery shop" online, at home, in my pajamas. You just sign in, pick what you want (not only groceries, I'm talking like ALL my toiletries too), choose a store, and pick out a timeslot to pick it up. (These are in 2 hour segments.) You call them 10 minutes before you arrive and THEY BRING YOUR GROCERIES TO YOUR CAR!!!!! Amazing! I had read about this on another blog and my friend Mary uses it too. I really thought there would be a catch or complication, but no.  Now-stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW to see if a Walmart near you offers this. Not ALL of them do, but it's catching on. BTW-this is not an advertisement for Walmart.... Good Lawd, Walmart doesn't know who I am. But I'm that excited about it.

3) Onto my current favorite TV show. I am shamelessly obsessed with this show called Married At First Sight on the FYI station. (I think it's an A&E partner). Anyway..... these 6 crazy people agreed to MARRY someone they have NEVER met before based on 3 experts that put them together based on personality, background, etc. They legit are married. It's like watching a trainwreck. Because believe it or not, they are all dedicated to being and staying married, but they are essentially strangers. (Again-don't judge. I'm looking at you Walking Dead fans.)

Let's face it though-as crazy as it sounds, sometimes I feel like I wake up to a new husband every day. Somehow, after 4 years of dating and almost 7 years of marriage, Jeremie still seems to surprise me with different sides of his personality. I have NO DOUBT he feels the same about me. ; ) I know I'm getting an Amen from all you married people out there. 

4)  Now that the cold weather looks like it's here to stay, I'm having to get creative with ways to entertain G inside. And I cannot understand how, but apparently he gets "tired" of his 47,251 toys he has here at the house. So we've ventured to my favorite indoor play place a couple times this past week called the Playstreet Museum There's actually 3 in the Dallas area, but we hit up the one a couple miles down the road. It is the most adorable little "village" with kid-sized buildings like a General Store, Homestead, camper, camphouses and fishing area. I pretty much set G down and he is GOING GOING GONE until we leave. Great for the kids and great for the mamas. Makes for a goooood nap when you get home.

5) And here's one of my favorite pics from this week. Greyson is SUCH a hoot, his personality seems to just amplify every day! My favorite thing is his new "fake laugh". Whenever he hears us laugh, he tries to join in the hysterics. Too funny.


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