Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

OH MY STARS.....I actually started this post last week, and never got around to posting it. What the heck happened to the past seven days? And to answer my own question, everything and NOTHING all at the same feel me friend??? 

Okay, so, I'm officially linking up with two of my favs, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites! 

1) Can I just be honest and say that I've been a little emotional this week? Mainly due to some sleep deprivation thanks to a few nights of extreme INSOMNIA. Ya'll, I wasn't falling asleep until like 4:30 or 5:00 a.m., and up at 6:45 with Greyson. Made me think twice about having #2. 

And as Jeremie says, it's NEVER the big things that finally GET ME. It was the man at the car dealership that sorta made me feel like my day was "unimportant" that broke me. I called Jeremie in tears resulting in his indecision to beat up the salesman, actually try to SOLVE my problem (HE KNOWS TO NEVER ATTEMPT THAT), or just say "Sorry, babe, I hate that." He opted for a combo of #2 and #3, so he was pretty safe. I still had to do my full Kroger run wearing my sunglasses, but I finally straightened out. 

I made it through the day and as I got out of my car that evening for Bible Study, this was my view: 

I felt like all the failings of my day just got a LOT smaller, and it felt so good. God is BIGGER and stronger, and compassionate, and present. So this pic was definitely a FAVORITE for me this week.

2) On a MUCH lighter note, I have a new love affair called Hello Fresh. I feel like it's going to change my life as much as Wal-Mart Grocery Pickup. It's a meal delivery service that comes with ALL the ingredients pre-measured and a recipe with step-by-step instructions. I ordered a box that came with three meals for two people. (A few of the meals had leftovers too!) I think I'll have to do a full blogpost devoted fabulous-ness of this service and the food itself, but just HAD to mention it in my FAVORITES! For me, just having 3 less meals I have to even think up is huge.

3) I am also SUPER EXCITED to announce that I've been selected as a Contributor for the new Collin County Moms Blog that will be launching October 17th! This is a branch of the popular City Moms Blog network! The mission of City Moms Blog is to connect, encourage, and share with other moms! All those things are my FAVORITE! I'm so excited! My first post will be published in October! If you are local, you can go ahead and follow CCMB's Facebook page here

4) In other FUN news, I finally got me a new ride, PRAISE THE LAWD. Ya'll, I pretty much drive something until it won't drive anymore. Actually, my old Avalon WON'T DIE. It was my car from college and my parents STILL HAVE IT. It's got 300,000 miles on it. It came to a point where Jeremie wouldn't allow me to keep it. Anyway, I have literally driven the wheels off my ole Camry. Literally-like they wouldn't let me renew my inspection sticker without new tires. Something was happening every week; she new she was getting replaced and she was DYIN' ON ME. After a big search, I ended up with my third Toyota, yes please. They're the best. And it's MAROON. #hailstate

Image result for crimson mica toyota highlander

4) This was actually last Friday...or wait...maybe two Fridays ago??? Whatever.....I took Greyson to the Vintage Market Days at Southfork Ranch, and we had a FAVORITE little TEXAS boy....

5) Greyson also set his eyes on a darling little gal, Zoe, at one of our playdates last week and I caught him HOLDING HANDS with her as we were walking out. Mama's heart melted a little bit. Trying to get him to hold MY hand is like baptizing a cat.

6) As I previously mentioned, my emotional state was not swinging par this week, so neither was my household. But I needed to catch up with my friend here's the text I sent her before she came......

And you know what....girlfriend needed to fold clothes she brought her big basket, dumped it on the floor, and we had a big ole laundry folding party! By the end, all of our clothes and emotions had been folded and organized. ; ) That's a REAL friend ya'll.

7) Last night, Beth Moore spoke at Prestonwood church in Plano and she is my ultimate FAVORITE! So my friend Melissa and I hit up the Sonic for a fancy corndog date and then to see Bethy. And as always, she brought the WORD while being adorable and hilarious at the same time. I've never seen her in person, and she was awesome!

8) Lastly, we've started going out to eat every Friday night when Jeremie gets home, before the 7:00 crowd hits. (Another plus of having a child that goes to bed early!) We've been trying to hit somewhere different each time, and let's face it, living in DFW, you could do this for eternity. We've really enjoyed this new tradition! I realize we won't always be able to do this, but Greyson does pretty well in the restaurants, so we're gonna milk it while we can! Plus, it's so nice to have a night where I don't have to cook or clean the kitchen! 

Last week we headed up to Firewater Kitchen at Watters Creek and it was so fun! We ordered a bunch of appetizers and they were all delicious!!! And there is the most darlin' play area outside that G loved. He especially loved the duck statues......he kept running up to them thinking they would chase after him.

That's all I've got folks! Hope ya'll have an awesome weekend! 

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