Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with my usuals, Narci and Erika for Friday Favorites! Grab the graphic, and include on of their links to join with your own Friday Favorites!

1)  This car seat tray has been a lifesaver for us!  We first used it on the way to Mississippi, and it was amazing! Not only was it a spot to put Greyson's snacks, but he LOVED driving his little cars on it! This week, I used it so he could eat his lunch on the way home.  We were at an event until noon, so I knew he'd be hungry AND we could go straight to naptime when we got home! I love when a plan is well executed. ; )  It really gives him a lot more options of activities than just sitting there with his arms dangling!  You can find it....OFCOURSE....on the glorious Amazon here.

2) Greyson was sent home with the "JOY Box" this week.  The sheet inside said he was the "Chapel Angel" at school this week and was "given the opportunity to hold the class Bible and sit in front of the class during lesson time." You'd think that he had won the National Spelling Bee or something; me and Jeremie were so proud when we read the sheet.  (Not so proud when he was LOSING IT over a Cheez-It later that day.  I'm thinkin' "AIN'T NO ANGEL IN THIS HOUSE.") Anyway, I will say the little box was adorable and had everything we needed to have "Chapel" here at home and see what they do.  (It even had a little CD!) And I must say, the little Hermie book was PREACHIN' it to Mama, because Hermie was asking God why he was as "special/strong/gifted" as some other animals and God kept telling him "Be patient, Hermie, I'm not finished with you yet." Of course in the end, Hermie comes out of his cocoon, and is a beautiful butterfly.  GEEZ. Some spiritual truth in that board book, y'all.  Thank you, Hermie.  Anyway, I LOVE Greyson's school program and very blessed that they are dedicated to teaching God's truth so early.  

3) We FINALLY went to play at Safari Run this week and WOW, we were impressed! This place was SO fun, SO CUTE, and SO clean! Some of these jungle gym places get a little skeezy, but you can tell, cleanliness is important to these folks! G could totally climb around the jungle gym safely, but he just isn't quite tall enough to conquer some of the climbing portions yet.  (Bless it. Me and J didn't offer much in the height gene.) But I actually loved climbing around in there with him because it was super roomy and not crowded.  There IS a smaller gated off area for the little tots that is awesome too though. This place also kept the parents in mind with Wi-fi, comfy couches and a coffee machine! It was great! We'll definitely be back a lot over the summer I'm sure! 

4) We made a little field trip this week to a very popular place that's the home of a very poplar HGTV show.......wink wink wink.  I won't give anything away because I'll be doing a full blogpost on Monday about our trip! But I did get a good pic with my little guy.  One of my favorites of all time so far.  We're both LOOKING. With a good background. Can't seem to get one without the toddler backpack though. #oneday #goals

5) I've acquired some favorite shirts this week too. Funny thing is that I didn't buy anything for myself at the fabulous above mentioned location, but I did grab this tshirt at a gas station on the way down there.  Gas stations have come a long way people.  And TEXAS gas stations? Well, you know, everything's bigger.  

My neighbor pretty much forced me to buy it.  Apparently, I say this a lot. ; ) 
I also picked up a few more of my ALL TIME FAVORITE tshirts at the Gap Factory this week.  They aren't $7.99 anymore, but still worth the $13 now.  I feel like I must share this shirt with all mamas.  It's perfect.  Lightweight. Can be dressy or casual, loose but flattering at the same time. I bought a gray one last year, and this week I grabbed 2 more solid colors and the navy printed one I'm wearing above! You can find it here.  Buy every color and thank me later. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!!  HAPPY FRIDAY!

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