Tuesday, August 11, 2009

House Hunting, Church Search, and a Wii we go......

Just to catch you up on our everyday, I'm going to do montage of a posting, so try not to lose me.... ; )

One of the most excited things for us starting out as a new married couple has been our "church search". There are so many great churches here in Tallahassee, and J and I want to make sure we find the right one where we can serve the Lord best. We have literally been to probably 7 churches. It has actually been really neat, because every church has such different "personalities". And it's also given us the opportunity to hear some awesome preachers, again, all different. One actually broke out in a baritone version of an old church hymn smack dab in the middle of his sermon. It was hilarious. One particular church gave us a loaf of bread for visiting. Now THAT'S a church after our own heart. Haha..just kidding. The preaching was equally great there and we met some amazing people, who actually invited us to lunch afterwards. They have 3 PRECIOUS children, with number 4 on the way. Another couple joined us that has a 10 month old. There was screaming. There was jumping. The 10 month old actually climbed out of her high chair ONTO the dining table. She looked safe to me, so I just let her crawl around. I really would've caught her if something happened, but the mama told me, no, she's really not supposed to crawl ON the table and she laughingly told me she wouldn't call me to babysit. Ha. I really did offer to babysit, but made sure they knew I don't know how to change a diaper. But the 6 year old assured me she would teach me. After a fabulous and fun lunch, I left the extra brownies I made on the kitchen table for the kids as our friends walked us out. The next week I got word that while we were outside the dog actually jumped ON the kitchen table and ate all the chocalate brownies. We probably won't be invited back. We went home exhausted and in complete agreement that we are NO WHERE close to wanting a child. Sorry Carol.

ANYWAY........I really don't know how I got into that story. But, bottomline is we are excited about the church that God will lead us to and can't wait to get involved.

Now to a random topic that I mentioned in the last post, which is our new toy, the Wii!!!!! Jeremie and I have wanted one for a long time, and with some of our wedding gift cards, we made the big purchase. It is SO MUCH fun. The first night we played, we were so sore the next morning, we felt bruised. Pitiful. We don't have many games right now, but tennis and bowling are our favorites. Jeremie likes the boxing, which is quite entertaining to watch, b/c it obviously makes him feel like Rocky. When I heard him yelling "Adrianne!!!!!!" in the living room the other day, I yanked out the video camera, which I will upload the footage soon. You have to see. It's like the boy won the big gold belt. Hands in the air, sweat running down his face. Sometimes I sing "Eye of the Tiger" just to humor him. It's great.

Just for all of you who have read that we've spent our gift cards on camping gear and a Wii, don't worry, we really have used the bulk of our gift cards on our china and traditional wedding items. I can't wait to entertain with all of it. Some of the Vietri is still on the way.

Another main issue in our lives right now is house hunting......which is proving to be a little more difficult than we expected. Our lease runs out in December, and we are both tired of apartment living. This town is pretty large, so there's just so much to look at. This weekend was our first real time to go into homes and look, and we didn't really end up with any contenders. Two of the homes we looked at smelled like a mixture of smoke and wet dog. Another one had a power line complete with transmitors in the backyard, and another one was so close to the neighbor you could shake hands through your bedroom window. We drove home tired, discouraged, and frustrated. We needed a good laugh. A smile. And this man riding down the road did just the trick. Took from J's phone.

Nuff said.

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  1. Hi cuz!

    I just have to say that write EXACTLY how you talk and it is HYSTERICAL. Love it! It reminds me of being with you and Amy at the same time and laughing until my sides hurt! Miss you guys, glad you are having fun in Florida!