Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Taylors Visit Tally!!!

Wow. I've been terribly neglecting the blog! We have been staying busy, especially last weekend; we had our first company....
The running joke when we got married was that no one could visit us until August. (It has literally taken us that long to find a place for/hide all of our stuff.) Well, just guess shows up on JULY 31ST........Lee and Carol!!! hahaha....Actually Mom's birthday was August 5th, so we let them slide.

Mom and Dad arrived on a RAINY Friday afternoon. The 5 hour drive had definately done them in, so we calmed them down with a fabulous meal. Jeremie cooked cream cheese & jalapeno stuffed porkloin, and I made "smashed" potatoes, squash, and bread. Delicious! After we recovered from the meal, we challenged Mom and Dad to a pleasant bowling game on our new Wii. (More a/b that later.) Beings that Mom and Dad have never played a Wii before made for quite a funny crash course. Mom was noticeably better than Dad at the bowling. Now, if you know anything about my family, especially my Dad, everything is a competion. Second place is the first loser. So after some more practice, we played wives against husbands. The husbands won, and that's all I have to say about that. (Jeremie would yell if I didn't report that.) Just to level the playing field though, I destroyed him in tennis. It was actually sad. Ha.
The next day we headed to a plantation about 30 minutes from here called Pebble Hill Plantation. It was absolutely gorgeous! The plantation was purchased as a "summer home" in the early 1900's. This modest summer home was 31,000 square feet! Our whole apt. was the size of ONE of the 19 bathrooms. That's right. 19. The plantation was complete with amazing stables, schoolhouse, gardens, etc. Check out the pics

I was literally about to eat that horse by the time we left I was so hungry. So we headed to Harry's, one of Jeremie's and my favorite restaurants. Recharged and regenerated (okay, I admit, we all took a short nap) we decided the next competitive event was going to be goofy golf and go kart racing at Fun Station. Goofy golf was great, even better, because I was again,
completely embarrasing my husband in front of all the other families. Who knew I was such a good putter? Actually, Dad was beating everyone, but again, losing is not an option. As we made it to the last hole, I counted up the score. I was ahead by several strokes, and J discouragingly made his way to putt. I was pretty much telling him he played like a girl when he hit a hole in one! A little intimated, but not worried (as I had pared most of my shots)I hit the ball. And again, and again and again and again. That's right, 5 times. My crappy ending let J beat me. I was so enraged that I almost counted the score again. I hate losing to Jeremie b/c he will never let you forget. But this week the preacher spoke about pride, so I'm trying to re route my thoughts. ; )
Sunday was church and after that Dad, Mom and I headed to the Tallahassee Museum. It was a really neat place that was mostly outdoors with anything from a wildlife walk to snakes to a mini farm. We got to see foxes and panthers and bears, oh my! (Just had to say it) It was a good time. Our favorite interests include nature and history, so it was perfect.

Mom and Dad are fun and it was great to spend some quality time with them. It was great to see family and actually really strange to have our family come visit US in OUR home. Jeremie and I are usually meeting in the middle at our families' homes. We still can't believe that not only do we live in the same town but the same house!!!!! Marriage is still so fresh and it's really amazing. I feel like luckiest girl in the world every day.

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