Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just Catching Up....

Okay-so I do realize it's the middle of FEBRUARY and I haven't even blogged about Christmas. But, I have no shame-I love Christmas so much I will still blog.

Another party we hit up was our Sunday School Christmas party, which was a tacky sweater party. It was incredible!!! I went to Goodwill and picked out some fabulous Christmas sweaters.....apparently J didn't feel like he was tacky enough, because he stole some plastic snowflakes off a wreath and SEWED them to the sweater in a Christmas tree shape. And added some bells. (It was awesome to watch him shake & jingle.) He almost won the tacky contest, but got beat out by Jessica, who rocked a puff paint sweatshirt and side pony tail. I think he's already planning next year. We had a great time and the party was complete with lots of food and a rousing game of Christmas Carol Pictionary, Boys Vs. Girls. No matter what you hear, the girls dominated.

Before Jeremie and I left for our Mississippi Christmas, we hosted our own Wells Family Christmas. We opened our gifts and gave Mannylicious his stocking stuffers. His stocking consisted of Pupperoni and 5 dog toys. We layed them on the floor, and one by one, he played with them for about 10 minutes. He loved his first Christmas. We had a blast. I love my little family.

I also want to talk about our Christmas tree for a minute. My fab friend Meg posted about some special Christmas ornaments, so I will copy her idea, if she approves. (Said approval will be requested later. She was my Matron of Honor.....she can't leave me now.)

Ornament #1: The Engagement Ornament. Sweet Mary Perry sent me this ornament shortly after J and I got engaged in 2008. I love it.

Ornament #2: The Newlywed Ornament. I bought this ornament for our first Christmas and forced J to put it on the tree WITH me our first Christmas. He of course agreed last year, but stayed on the couch this year. The things we do for love.

Ornament #3: The Wedding Cake. Jeremy Ely's mom gave us this ornament for our wedding. It is gorgeous. And delicate. Therefore, contrary to Ornament #2, J is not allowed to touch this ornament.

Ornament #4: Biltmore Santa. I bought this on our vacay last year at the Biltmore. I decided that I would buy a Christmas ornament as a souvenir when we travel to cool places.

Ornament #5: Christmas Manny. I mean, our dog had his own stocking, he had to have an ornament. DUH.

Ornament #6: Meet Mr. Mouse. This used to be an ornament, but it's so old the string fell off Mr. Mouse's top hat, so he was sort of "nestled" in the tree. Mr. Mouse was my FAVORITE ornament as a child. I have no idea where he came from or why I was so obsessed with a mouse with a top hat. But then again, I also don't know why I wore platinum colored pleather pants in 7th grade......the things we do as kids.....

I can't wait to add more special ornaments to our tree as the years go by.

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