Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Wells Weekly.....

Jeremie and I are on the LONG trip back from Starkville after another sad loss slipped through the Bulldawgs' hands....literally....we had a slight issue with catching the ball yesterday. And kicking field goals. And scoring when we're on the 7 yard line.  But ANYWAY...we still had a great time being in Starkville, seeing friends and family, and eating at our favorite restaurant of all time, Anthony's, in West Point, MS.  A little tailgating and a traditional trip to the sidewalk sale at The Lodge (MSU store) completed our trip and now we're on our way to see our baby nephew Judah!  Jeremie and I are already arguing and threatening on who gets to hold him first.....will update with who comes out on top with that one.

Here's some other highlights from this week:

1. Mom & Dad visited last weekend on their way back from their vacation to Charleston, which I was totally jealous about.  We had a great visit with them; Mom and I talked non stop, and Jeremie showed off all his food plots to Dad.  Manly bonding time at its best.

2. We had chocolate fondue with Melissa & David @ The Melting Pot.  If you know me, you know how I feel about chocolate; it was amazing.  I managed to compose myself and not embarrass Jeremie & our friends by licking the remaining chocolate out of the bowl.

3. Jeremie and I sited in the rifle I'll be hunting with this on Wednesday.  I did pretty good after J noticed that I was closing my eyes right before I pulled the trigger (anticipating the kick.)  Shooting guns is fun; I don't know why some people are so afraid of guns.  A person properly trained in gun safety is 1,000 times more safe than a 16 year old with a new driver's license.

4. Jeremie concerned me with a comment he made this week.  I've been working on a fall wreath I saw on Pinterest.  I finished one of the flowers the other night and while J was putting supper in the oven and held it up and asked him how it looked.  He said:  "It's looks good!  Came out great!"  So I set the flower down on the table and continued cutting some more burlap on the floor.  About an hour later, Jeremie walked by the table and said "Hey, that flower looks GREAT!  You did a good job!"  When I gave him a confused look and reminded him he had already seen & commented on the flower, he said "Really?  Hmm...don't remember that; it's like I just saw it for the first time."  We laughed so hard that he actually responded properly earlier to me asking him about it, but really was paying no attention at all.  Really makes me worry about all those times I ask him if my outfit looks good........

5. Thursday night we went to a benefit for the Pregnancy Help & Information center, which offers counseling, classes, and other types of assistance during pregnancy for mothers & fathers.  They also use this service as a ministry to spread the gospel and we were amazed at some of the stories.  They have assisted over 1,700 new mothers and provided 2,500 parenting classes in Tallahassee in this past year.  We were really impressed with their organization.  They had a comedian at the benefit named Mike Williams, who literally had us in stitches the entire time.

6. My new favorite show on TV is Revenge.  Thank you, ABC for coming up with a new show that is not reality show and has a story line with a twist.

7. On the way to Starkville on Friday night, J and I got past Montogomery (about 5 hours down the road) and realize we forgot our football tickets.  My heart skipped a beat.  Luckily, we had a friend with some extras, and were able to attend the game.

8.  Did I mention we get to see Judah today?

That's all for this week....until next!

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