Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Beautiful and Talented...Amy Taylor!

I am proud to say that there is nothing groundbreaking going on in my life that is blogworthy. And don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining. My family has a saying that "No news is good news", so I am completely content with regular ole life.

BUT, as I've told her many times, my sister's life is totally blogworthy. A former co-worker of mine calls her the "Superstar" of the family because she is a news reporter for MSU with a million dollar smile. (That she got for free--I on the other hand had to have braces TWICE. It was that bad.) Here she is:

Do you hate her already? (To really drive it in, her heart is as big as her smile.) Along with a fun job, she has the CRAZIEST stories that could only happen to her. (Let's face it-we all have that sibling that has better stories than you.) My recent favorite is that she "rescued" a stray cat in the neighborhood and took it to the vet school to have it neutered.  Well, after shaving the cat's butt, turns out he was already neutered and belong to her neighbor. She conspicuously released the cat back into the neighborhood and let the neighbor wonder why the heck his cat's butt was shaved. Love it! So in her free time, she also has a crafty talent and makes all sorts of things. This means I have amazing, original pieces all over my house. Here are a few: 

This is my personal favorite.....

For any of you who will be in the Starkville area, Amy will have a booth at the Cotton District Arts Festival  during Super Bulldog Weekend! She can custom make all types of pieces! These pics are just a sample of what she has done! 

Okay-that's it! Love ya sis!

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