Friday, May 3, 2013


Happy Friday!!! For the past 6 years, me and my besties, Mary and Meg race to be the first person to send the titled "Happy Friday" email each week. It's stiff competition. Especially since I'm a housewife and they are both overachievers.  But I was the winner today!

I don't have much to report, but feel like I've rejected the blog lately! So here we go:

  • We continue to enjoy our "dates". The last 2 have been more simple. Last week, we went to Lowe's together (J would probably choose this "date" every week) then we took the little buddy on a hike at a new park we found. It's 200 acres with great trails, a creek, very woody/nature-esque, so it definitely put us in the spirit for our Wyoming trip! The week before, we celebrated Super Bulldog Weekend even though we couldn't be in Starkville. We boiled shirmp and ate on the patio while we listened to the baseball game.  Hello.

  • Jeremie went bowling with our church group guys and lost a bet. This was his punishment at our next group meeting:
    Needless to say, it was more than difficult to focus on Jesus while my hubby looked like this.
  • In regards to Jr. League, I have finally graduated from a "Provisional" (Jr. League's nice way of calling us Freshmen.) I received my project placement for next year, and I'm so excited! I will be working at a place called My Friend's House, which is a home where children go when they have been removed from their homes for allegations of abuse or neglect. We hold a reading program on Tuesday nights and also do arts & crafts with the kids. At the end of the night, they get to keep a copy of the book we read. Can't wait to start. 
  • We are headed to MS next weekend for J's cousin Matt's wedding. He did The Lord's Supper at our wedding (which was one of my favorite parts!) Can't wait for the wedding and so see our families!!!
  • Manny has had a very tough week, so he slept in this morning: 

    Happy Trails!

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