Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Wells "Four" Ever!

Well, today marked four years of wedding bliss for me and the Mr. I can't believe it's been 4 years! To celebrate our anniversary, we ate dinner at Brick House tonight and I made a pecan pie. Unfortunately, we are so full from Brick House, that I doubt the pie will get touched tonight. (Who knows, I could come back and rally in a little while.) Instead of a long, mushy paragraph about being married, here are ten things I love about marriage:

1. The most fun times are the unplanned moments.
2. Jeremie and I have times when we talk non-stop, like we just met, and then we might go hours without saying anything to each other. (Not an awkward silence!) ; )
3. I finally got answers about what really goes on in a guy's mind during the dating/beginning of a relationship. (Blows my mind!)  On the flip side, J finally got to hear what a girl is thinking at the beginning of a relationship. Probably scared him a little bit.....because by the 4th date, we are probably testing how his last name sounds with ours.
4. I just asked J what came to his mind first about marriage...he immediately said "friendship". Aww.....but it's true. Just the pure, unconditional friendship is the best. And knowing that your best friend is continually praying for you.....awesome.
5. Just when you think you know everything about each other, something new is uncovered. (Like J's slight obsession the King Arthur era, or the fact that I had probably an unhealthy attachment to my Simba stuffed animal as a child.)
6. Cuddling up at night never gets old. Ever.
7. We challenge each other to step out of our comfort zones. This means I finally learned to cook something other than corn casserole and J finally gave in and took dance lessons with me. (Granted, he gave me 5 lessons as a gift-enough to make me happy, but also a limit on his on his part! He actually was an outstanding Tango partner.)
8. We do not have to participate in the dating scene. All the smiling, impressing, analyzing is over. I'm not saying we don't still DATE each other, because that is necessary. I'm just relieved that the process is over.
9. Facing challenges/tough times together is by far how we have bonded the most. I could write days about this, but the point is that victory through the battles make standing on the mountain together mean so much more.
10. Laughter-we laugh together (okay, or maybe at each other) every day. Deep conversations are great and all, but you just can't beat good old-fashioned funny. Good for the soul.

That is not an exhaustive list--or even my "top ten"--it was just what I could think of tonight. I should have set the bar low and done 4 and added one for each year of marriage.....haha...just kidding!

Happy Anniversary to us! Looking forward to the years to come!!!

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