Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hoppy Easter!

Our First Easter weekend with our little munchkin was so fun! Our Auntie Amy drove all the way from Mississippi to see us, so that was extra special....

That's right....just look how pretty she is....

So Greyson, me and Auntie Amy hopped around town shopping, ordering Bridesmaid dresses and such. We also did our own little Easter photo shoot with 'Lil G. (Since this was a homemade photo shoot this DOES NOT count towards the 4 photo shoots per year I get as mentioned in previous post.)

We had a great time, but honestly, I don't know how newborn/baby photographers do it. Greyson was a moving target but we got some great shots. (These are unedited. If I waited until I edited photos, Greyson would be 21.)

I just wanna caption this: "I don't always take Easter photos, but when I do, I hold a stuffed lamb."

Easter day was actually chilly and rainy. Trying to get all three of us dressy-dressed and out the door to church was like a four alarm fire drill. We snapped this pic on the way out the door and it's not our greatest. But I slapped a filter on it and "softened" it up a little bit. Hopefully we are more successful next year. But I doubt it. Greyson will be one and a half and probably running around like a banshee refusing to even wear pants, much less a bowtie.

I snapped this at church.  My boys looked SO HANDSOME! 

Hope you Easter was a Hoppy One!!! 

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