Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Vacation Ever!

Today I'm linking up again with Mix and Match Mama and Momfessionals to share my favorite vacation ever!!!  

My hubby and I LOOOVE to travel! Other than our honeymoon and a mission trip to Nicaragua, we haven't done too many trips outside of the US. There are several overseas places I wanna see, but I feel like there are SO many amazing and beautiful places within good ole America too!  Jeremie and I also like to pack up for the weekend and go on small getaways to places that are close to home. (Well, we did PRE-baby....I'm sure they will increase once Greyson gets a little more mobile and a little less dependent on 3,541 contraptions that we have to take with us. Look-I know there's some people out there who throw the baby in the car and go..more power to ya. But listen.....when you need the Rock-n-play, the pack-n-play, the enormous infant stroller, the pump, the activity gym....packing for a weekend getaway takes longer than being at our actual destination.)

Anyway-there are different parts of each trip that are my "favorite". The trip to Nicaragua was the most humbling. The garlic rolls at this pizza place in Gatlinburg were probably the yummiest thing I've ever eaten. The Biltmore was the most beautiful home I've ever seen and the charm of Maine is unmatched!

But I think my favorite vacation overall/in general was our 2013 vacation to Wyoming. This trip was broken up into 3 parts: Jackson HoleYellowstone National Park, and The Grand Tetons. (Full blog in links.)  I loved this vacation so much because it was SOOO relaxing. (Like, our cell phones would barely work.) Since there is SO much to see up there, I definitely did LOTS of research about how to break our trip up and where to stay, but other than that, everything else was really off the cuff. (I usually have a pretty detailed itinerary including restaurants we will eat at!) We landed, rented a car, and pretty much drove around for an entire week seeing the beauty of the surroundings. We actually put 1,000 miles on the rental car!

Jackson Hole was darling and had some AMAZING places to eat, Yellowstone was breathtaking and so were the Grand Tetons. In the Grand Tetons, we stayed on a horse ranch and our room was right next to this precious little cafe. We ate BLT's with this view.

Here are some more of my favorites......

So you get it.....it was amazing and a perfect trip for us during that time of our lives. Excited to see what our next vacation has in store!

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