Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Narci and Erika today for Friday Favorites! Grab the graphic and join us! 

1) Mama Time: This week Greyson was signed up for a mini-Mother's Day Out on Tuesday-Thursday mornings. And oh my stars, it was a nice little break. Lawd have mercy, the Summer O Fun was about to slip into the Summer O Done. So it gave me the boost I needed. One day I did come home and do a few hours of power cleaning. So the other two days I played, shopped, and relaxed at the most darling little coffeehouse in Downtown Plano. I realize that there are many mamas out there (many are my friends, actually) that seem to NEVER get a break. So please don't think I take this for granted.

2) During said "Mama Time", I hit up the TOMS Warehouse Sale going on this week in Dallas! It was awesome! I love TOMS even though my BFF Meg is convinced that they look like prison issued shoes. It was crazy crowded, like a Black Friday situation, but totally worth it since I made it there early! They only give you 45 minutes to shop, but it was easy because everything is organized by size. 

If you go here's my tips: 
-Go childless if possible. 
-Get there as soon as the doors open, if possible.
-Try everything on cuz TOMS sizing is weird.
-Don't try to make this a girlfriend date, because it's not a casual sip, shop, and model shoes for each other situation. I never even saw my friend Shelley who I was supposed to meet up with!

I scored these darling wedges and sandals for a total of $50!!!! 

3) Christmas in July-Jeremie took the day off today and stayed home with us. We had big plans to hit the splash pad, but it was STORMING this morning. So J went in the attic and pulled down this huge train set and a toy boat that Greyson had received for Christmas. (I'm gonna be honest and say my first thought was AWESOME, MORE PIECES.) Greyson got SO MANY toys that we stashed some away....for a rainy day! This provided us with a whole morning of play! I think G was getting kinda tired of the same toys anyway, so this was a great idea.  Now I'm thinking might have to do this every year! 

4) The NEW and IMPROVED Dairy Queen: Or "DQ" as they are re-branding themselves. They built a new one right around the corner from us and I've been SO EXCITED about the Grand Opening. My Grammy used to treat us to Blizzards (my fav is Oreo), so they remind me so much of her. And during our livestock days, we'd go to the one near the fairgrounds and split a chicken basket. So maybe I'm a little emotionally attached. Nevertheless, my neighbor was equally excited; we've pretty much been texting every day about our Blizzards. So arrived with the rest of Plano for the Grand Opening today and it was enjoyed by all. 

5) Favorite pic of the week: Earlier in the week we took cupcakes to the Fire Dept. and they gave G this hat......that he has barely taken off since! He was watering the grass and just looked too cute with that firefighter hat and water hose! 

Now I'm ending my Friday with a little Netflix binging with my hubby......our newest addiction is FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Football. Texas. And lots of drama. Doesn't get any better than that people!


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