Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer O Fun Week 5 and 6

I can't start this post without addressing the awful violence that happened in Dallas this week. The news has been flooded with sadness lately, but this one was just too close to home. Made it all feel much more real. The only thing I can say is THANK YOU to those who are putting themselves in harm's way to protect us. I can't imagine the spirit of sacrifice that it takes. I hope you'll join me in praying for the hurting families and those who are experiencing such incredible loss. 

There are much more eloquent folks than myself that have written words of comfort. So the only thing I can say is that God is Sovereign. He's proved his power and Sovereignty for thousands of years. Sadly, there is evil in this world. But ultimately, He's not going to let it win. 

In light of this tragedy, at first it seemed sort of nominal to move on to my "Summer O Fun" post. BUT, it's BECAUSE of these brave people protecting us and our freedoms that we can live and move about this city and enjoy ourselves.

We have been busy traveling and recovering from more sinus infections (HOW DID THIS MAKE IT ON THE BUCKET LIST PEOPLE) so I'm a little behind. 

During Week 5 we hit up a play date at Gymboree sponsored by the Dallas Moms Blog. Greyson had a big time playing, but he just wasn't into the circle time with the songs and clowns. This is the second time we've tried Gymboree and the second time he's stood on the sidelines. 

#theoutsiders #observing
He spent most of his time crossing this little bridge...over...and over...again.
During the arts and crafts portion of the playdate, they had a little raffle. We won a $4 Echo microphone. The next winner won Kendra Scott earrings. #alwaysthebridesmaid
We also spent more time in the backyard. Greyson has perfected the poolside lounge.

The pool at our local rec center, Tom Muehlenbeck, was also on the bucket list. And oh my gosh, have the public pools come a long way since The Sandlot movie. This place had a kiddie pool, regular pool, and 2 legit water slides which I desperately wanted to go down. I just couldn't make myself ask my neighbor to hold the babe while I, a 32 year old woman, went and stood in line with the other 15 year olds. #mamasgonewild

Greyson had so much fun! We've already been back again!

That Friday (the 24th) was my birthday, and I clearly had BIG PLANS. 

And by "Whatever I Want", I mean, whatever Greyson wants, because we ended up at a playdate at the Prestonwood play facility. Where he proceeded to climb to the second story of the jungle gym (while my back was turned for 2 SECONDS) and get stuck at the top. He was screaming bloody murder and the quickest way for me to get to him was do a PIRATE CRAWL up a 12 foot rope net. #mamaforthewin #happybirthdaytome 

I did have a fabulous birthday complete with a nap and some Hart of Dixie Netflix binging. The hubby super surprised me with a trip to Austin for the next weekend which I'll post about later. 

During Week 6, completed the circuit of the famous Playstreet Museums, which is hands down our favorite indoor play in the area. 

Playstreet in Frisco has a "Townsquare" theme, complete with a Kroger, Vet Clinic, Diner, and Fire Station with a burning building. 

"Sit down when you're on MY bus!" 

Another day, we hit up the Playstreet in McKinney, which is a farm theme. Greyson CLAIMED the John Deere and barely got off. The whole way home he was saying "TRAC-TOR".......

That was about it for Week 6, because on Thursday we left for Austin. And yes, it essentially took me the remaining 2 days of the week to wash, pack, and prep my family for a 4 day vacation. I honestly don't know how the Duggars do it. 

I can't believe that it's already July; Lawd have mercy, Hobby Lobby already has the Fall stuff out. But we still have big plans for the remaining weeks for our Summer O Fun! 

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