Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Favorites: {Extra}Ordinary Moments...

HAPPY FRIDAY LADIES!!!! Whoo hoo!!! We made it! I'm headed to Downtown Dallas all weekend for a Dallas/Collin County Moms Blog Executive Retreat! I'm super excited, and my boys are actually equally excited to commence what they are calling the "Manly Man Weekend." Apparently there's gonna be lots of pizza, donuts, and I'm guessing camouflage will be worn at some point.

But first, I'm linking up with Erika today for the usual Friday Favorites! She's sharing some adorable back-to-school kids fashions today! 

We've had a fairly "low key" week, and now are just ONE week away from "school" starting back up!  I was telling a friend that as busy as we've been this summer, we've had equal amounts of time at home just hanging out.  The transformation from 2 year to 3 years has been astounding and fun and hilarious, (and all the other emotions you can think of.) 

But when I was looking through our pictures this week, and I'm just loving the regular, every day moments we are having.  The thing about parenthood though is that there really AREN'T an regular, ordinary days.  There are no days that look exactly like the one before, or just run of the mill. You can run on a routine, but 99% of the time, kids do something totally unexpected. They are doing new things, remembering things, and using that wild imagination to come up with the most hilarious conversations. Every day, there is something brand new and unexpected and well, ANYTHING but ordinary. And that's actually my favorite part of parenthood! 

On Sunday, we were hanging around at the house and me and Jeremie were just kinda running on empty tanks. G though, was full of energy and enthuse, so Jeremie got creative and made a "racing ramp" out of his truck ramps and some wood planks. That lead to building balance beams and forts and all sorts of fun.  These wooden beams lasted us the entire afternoon.  

Greyson is in FULL FORM in the mornings.  He often wants to bring a new "friend" downstairs for breakfast, and on this day, "Lion" (very original) ate with him in the chair.  

"Look at me, Mom! A hat!"
This week, Greyson has also been REALLY into turning on Pandora and playing "Cowboy music".  BUT, we also have to both put on our cowboy boots AND HATS. So we've had a few dance parties in our pj's this week. 

Most mornings, I TRY to have like 10 minutes of "Learning Time" where we got through the Alphabet and read a Bible Story.  (Listen, that's about all his attention span and my patience can handle.) Greyson is taking one from his school days and likes to tell me where to sit, and then he sits on the couch and is the "Teacher".  He says "We're going to to a story now. You ready?" And proceeds to teach and preach. I hear a lot of mumbling and then a random "Jesus" sprinkled throughout.  It's adorable. 

This week, we headed over to "Aunt Jorie's" after our morning playdate for lunch.  G needed little nap though and I totally forgot she has transitioned Preston to a toddler bed.  I was pretty sure G wouldn't know what the heck do and wouldn't nap.  But he totally cuddled up in that little bed and napped like a champ.  I thought he looked like SUCH a big boy in that bed! Made Mama so sad! I had to get a picture! Preston wanted in with his darlin' little Marshall robe! 

Speaking of Marshall, Greyson picked out some Marshall slippers yesterday and is OBSESSED.  (He's had a pair before and REALLY likes slippers.) We had a playdate that afternoon, and he WOULD NOT take them off, so I said what the heck. He's only young enough once to be out in public wearing slippers and people think it's adorable. 

So those are a few of my favorite and {extra}ordinary moments from this week! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and please link up and share YOUR Friday Favorites!

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