Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Life Lately....

We've been quite busy over the past couple of weeks, and have much to catch up on! Last weekend was Father's Day, so of course we made the trip home to see our dads, also known as "Big Lee" and "Pops". Jeremie and I are both so blessed with the kind of dads that would pretty much do anything for you. The kind that move you into a new apartment a good 5-10 times in your life, air up your tires before you go on a long trip and let you keep your JUNK that you've accumulated over the past 25-30 years in their house. (I'll get to that topic again later.) Anyway, bottom line is we have some great dads, and thank God for them. (Sorry Moms, we were in Jamaica for Mother's Day. We'll tribute you next year..... wink wink.)

Also, we had the joy and blessing of attending one of Jeremie's friend, Chad's baptism. Chad was a groomsman in our wedding and Chad and him have been friends ummm....since birth, probably. The baptism took place at Chad's family's house, and our brother-in-law, Gray performed the baptism. It was beautiful and awesome to celebrate such a turning point in another Christian's life.

Sunday came all too quickly, and before going to church, we found ourselves, yet again, loading up stuff that was leftover at my parents that needed to go to Tallahassee. As I kept adding boxes to the stack, I noticed my sweet husband was getting a bitter attitude about the added inventory. With every box I picked up, he would ask me: "Now Katie, what is in there, do you really NEED that? Have you missed it over the past 6 weeks?" I not so politely told him that Lee & Carol's was not my house anymore, and I couldn't just leave my junk there just because we didn't want it to crowd OUR apartment. He innocently, but sternly replied: "Well, I just know my life has been turned upside down in the past few months, and we just have to get rid of some of this stuff." That's right, he said those exact words. The moment they came out of his mouth, he knew how WRONG it sounded. Sweetness didn't think about how I have quit a job, moved to Tally, started a new job, and got a new name, new husband, new phone number, and new address all in a matter of 3 weeks. My mom busted out laughing as Jeremie and I stared at each other wondering who would budge first. He finally agreed to just suck it up and load the car if I promise to throw away stuff once I start unpacking. Deal. Then we headed off to church, which is EXACTLY where we needed to be after such a morning. ; )

Back in Tally, Jeremie had to quickly turn around and head for Tampa on Monday morning. He was gone Monday and Tuesday night, which I didn't like at all, but took advantage of, so I could muddle through all my "junk" and turn J's life right side up, if you will. Below are before and after pics that any home improvement channel would be proud of. Before is actually how our apt. looked when we got back from the honeymoon. It has slowly evolved to the aftershot you see now.

Jeremie was shocked and loved my makeover.

The next day, Wednesday was my birthday, which was spent working and waiting on 5:00. I came home to a sweet card, and a big bag of scrapbook stuff! The ultimate gift. J knows me well. He took me to a great Cajun restaurant called Poboy's and for dessert The Melting Pot for some chocolate fondue. Wow. I think I actually scared J, because I was lapping up the chocalate like it was about to grow feet and jump off the table. It was delicious. Right before I started licking the bowl, Jeremie said it was time to go! hahahaha....We had a great time.


  1. forgot about your $40 napkin rings?? I see honey!! :)

  2. Katie-

    Your blog makes me laugh EVERY time I read it! I am seriously thinking about starting one about the crazy life as a Boggan!