Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yeah Mon Honeymoon

I'm working backwards on our blog until I can get caught up, so we're on to the honeymooon.

Jeremie and I flew out of Jackson airport at 6 AM the morning after our wedding. We were exhausted. I was hungry. (But I'm always hungry.) And we were looking rough. Actually I was looking rough. Jeremie's little princess bride had transformed to a no makeup, droppy eyed, messy haired wife. May as well show him the truth early. Jeremie was the empitame of a honeymooner with his checkered shorts, polo, and cabana hat. (I hate when he shows me up.) After our Houston layover, a sausage biscuit, AND glazed donut from Shipley's (couldn't decide so just ate both) we headed to Jamaica where there are no problems, mon.....

The resort was FABULOUS. When you walked into the outdoor lounge you immediately overlooked the pool and the beach. Goregous. Our room was equally as fabulous with huge bathroom, porch and hammock.

The resort had 5 restaurants to choose from each day, all you can eat. We got appetizer, entree, and desert every meal. Breakfast was a buffet of anything and everything you'd ever think about eating for breakfast. I ate about a 1/2 pound of bacon every day. We ate until we couldn't eat anymore. Everyday.

There were also several activities during the day to do. Glass bottom boat, snorkling, catamaran cruise, shopping in Negril, and ofcourse J and I took part in all. We didn't sleep past 9:00 any morning. J's mindset was "Katie, why would you come Jamaica and sleep????" My silent answer was "Because I've been planning a wedding for 6 months you idiot." But I drank my coffee and was a good sport by 9:15 or so. Snorkling was quite an adventure b/c to J's disarray, I'd never been snorkling before. And he really didn't bother to ask me that until we were in the water and I treading as hard as I could with the 20 pound flippers swallowing salt water like it was candy. I had no idea how to breath out of that tube. Finally, my frustrated husband realized his sweet new wife was about to drown, and quickly instructed me I had to put the device IN my mouth to breathe out of it.......

The catamaran cruise was also adventurous; we sailed out about an hour to some caves and cliffs, and jumped of the boat to swim in the ocean. They had a huge slide that went off the catamaran and into the ocean. All us adults on the boat turned into 8 year olds again and couldn't get to the slide fast enough. Everyone loves a slide, I don't care how old you are. So we went off, I loved it, and decided to go again. The second time, I noticed my ear hit the water especially hard. That night, it felt like someone had stuck a dagger into it! Long story short, the pain continued into the next day and we ended up having to go to the doctor. Let me tell you, a doctor in Jamaica is not cheap. She diagnosed my problem as busted blood vessels and inflammed ear wall. Nice. J didn't talk to me for about twenty minutes. Especially after I told him the experience was worth it.

The remainder of the honeymoon was really relaxing, and was spent laying out, and ofcourse eating. (J wouldn't really let me do anything out of the ordinary after the slide incident.) We met some awesome couples that we enjoyed hanging out with, and took in some awesome views. It was much needed quality time and relaxation after stressful wedding planning. Jamaicans really do have no worries, and say "Yeah Mon" like every other word. It was the trip of a lifetime and made if very hard to come back to the real world.......

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