Tuesday, April 12, 2016

House Tour Part Two

A few days ago, I blogged about the major renovations we made to our home after the house fire in 2014. You can find that post here.

Now for the rest of the house, which mainly just got some redecorating when we bought the home.

Master Bedroom BEFORE

Totally nothing wrong with it, I just wanted to add my own flair, so we turned the bed around and painted.


I just love the colors in our room. I fell in love with the pig painting before we were even house hunting, so I was excited when I finally got to use it. Our bedroom furniture is a Craigslist find. I still have big plans to have it sanded and stained or painted, but that's another year and time. And I'll admit, I did do a quick hiding cleaning of the items on our night stand for this picture. Because let's face, as much as I want to be the HGTV person with nothing but a single stem tulip on my nightstand, I'm just not that person. There's usually books, the prior night's glass of water, and a box of earplugs. 

Master bath BEFORE: 
Again, nothing majorly wrong. I personally wouldn't have chosen the combo of the little tiles with the floor, but we're working with it. ; ) 

Amazing what a new mirror, valance and plantation blinds will do!
Downstairs half bath BEFORE: 

 Again, I personally wouldn't have gone crazy with the small tile (It covers the entire opposite wall too.) But we worked with it. Some people adore it! I went with a nautical theme and called it a day.
Upstairs loft BEFORE: 

I L-O-V-E this room! Hail State!!!
Couple notes: 1)My father-in-law made the bookshelf after I described what I wanted.
2) Jeremie HATES a gallery wall. I know it's supposed to look like random placing. But people, it's not. It cost HIM several hours and almost cost ME a divorce. 
I don't have BEFORE pics of our upstairs bath, but here it is now. It was the same green as the loft. #itain'teasybeinggreen


I don't have a BEFORE pic of the bedroom either. But it too got an overhaul and I LOOOVE it now.  I wanted our guest room to be DARLING and cozy by the time we had Greyson because I knew our families would be coming a lot. I painted and re-did the entire room while I was pregnant and finished just it time. Well, it was DARLING and cozy, but we all know what happened 3 weeks later....

 I bought every single piece of the bedding at this crazy sale at Dillard's for $100. Thank you President's Day.
 And possibly my FAVORITE room in the house is....the nursery. Even if I had a BEFORE pic of the nursery I would not show it. Because it was that extra room in the house that was a catch all. You know, the one with all my college and post college decorations. The one that proved I was 2 picture frames away from being a hoarder. So again, I'll just show you the after pics.

Oh I just love everything about it. I found one piece at a time and it all came together perfectly. 
The first thing I ever bought---before I was even pregnant (but we were trying) was the rug. I just LOVED the colors and I knew it'd be exactly what I wanted if we had a boy. Jeremie thought I was looney, but everyone knows not to mess with a woman trying to get pregnant, right? ; )  So I just threw it in with the rest of the above mentioned items I was hoarding in this room. When we found out it was a boy, I whipped the rug out! I randomly found the bedding on Target clearance (like $20 for it all!)  and it looked like it belonged together! SCORE.

I also had spotted the tin sheep at an antique store while we were trying to get pregnant. And low and behold it was still there more than 20 weeks later.

My handy father-in-law also made the shepherd's hook for my nephew when he was born, so that was borrowed. And my sister-in-law found the perfect mobile for it in Uganda on a mission trip.

The opposite wall has the dresser, and yes, another gallery wall.  Jeremie took 2 hours to measure and hang each piece perfectly when G was born, but after the fire when it was time to RE-HANG, he said "screw it"...pardon the pun....and threw everything up. Looks great to me. #overit #justeyeballit

I just picked up a piece here and there, which made it all special. If you're wondering if I have a thing for pigs after you've seen much of my decoration, the answer is YES.  And since you already think I'm a hoarder, I'll tell you I bought the orange bear at Pier One for like $2 right when J and I got married. I was no where near thinking about kids, I only bought it because I liked the color and pattern on him and wanted to use it as decor inspiration in our future home. I do remember thinking......maybe one day, my baby will have this. 

I had someone on Etsy make this printable of John 10:14-15: "I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me-just as the Father knows me and I know the Father-and I lay down my life for the sheep." 
And apparently I also have a thing for buck deer. Couldn't resist this little hanger. 

That's it folks! Hope you've enjoyed our house tour! 

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