Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Texas Bluebonnets!

Back in April, we headed out to Ennis, TX for the Annual Bluebonnet Festival. Ennis is famous for several miles of winding roads that have the most picturesque Bluebonnet fields during the spring. Since we've lived in Texas, and ESPECIALLY since we've had a child, we've picked up on the memo that the Bluebonnet pictures is a THING.  Like big deal. And ya'll know what I do about a big deal. Especially when it has to do with a photo opportunity for my child. Point me the nearest pumpkin patch or petting zoo and I'M IN.

I didn't think that the Mr. would approve of paying a photographer though, and honestly, Greyson always acts like a sugar induced jungle monkey in front of professional photographers. It's like HE KNOWS. Stresses me out people. 

So I took my big girl camera and had my sister edit the photos. I must say, I'm a little obsessed with these PRECIOUS DARLING pics. Listen, if you are not interested in 57 of the same pictures (from a different angle, that is) of my kid standing in a field, you need to close your browser now. 

We had the best time playing in the field and driving around the old country roads! I definitely feel more like an official Texan now that we have a photo in the Bluebonnets. Must be magical. ; ) 

If you're local to Texas, you should definitely check out Ennis next spring. You can read more about the Bluebonnet Trails and 2017 Festival here


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