Saturday, August 13, 2016

Live from the [Texas] Olympics

If you're home is like ours, the Summer Olympics is constantly streaming on the TV! We LOVE it!  I will admit I was a little disappointed in the Opening Ceremonies. It's was artistic, creative, entertaining, and apparently made some type of global warming statement. But it's RIO people. WHERE WERE THE FEATHERS? The HEADRESS? The sequin outfits? The Copacabana? The CARNIVAL for gosh sakes? I was ready to shake it in my pj's. And I didn't get to.
Nevertheless, we threw our own party. Ya'll know how I feel about a theme. I just couldn't resist. And it didn't have feathers or sequins either, but Lawd have mercy, a dozen kids under the age of 5 was it's own kind of carnival.

Greyson put on his game face and warmed up before his friends came over.
Don't let the décor fool you. Almost everything you see is from the Dollar store!

Because I love themed foods and alliteration, our menu was:
-Go for the GOLDfish
-Finish Line Fruit
-Olympic Wineners
-Competitor Cupcakes
-Take a Break (Snickers)
-Podium Punch

There were 5 "events" for our Olympic Games: Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Discus Throw & Fencing.

I'm pretty sure that none of the sporting events were played in "regulation", and there were some injuries on the field. ; ) But clearly that wasn't the point. A yard littered full of happy kids was the only thing that mattered. And it made my heart SO FULL!

Every competitor received a medal and SOMEHOW we managed to actually get three of them on the podium. Sweet Livy actually got the point and was humming the Olympic song. Or something similar. ; )

Greyson refused to wear his medal. #unimpressed

Our next winners were a little more difficult to manage. It was like baptizing a cat. This was the best of 20 shots.

Because a Texas cowboy wins EVERY time.

At the end of the day, I think the parents were the biggest winners because word is that our Games earned everyone a LOOOOONG nap.
I can't wait for our next one!

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