Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer O Fun Week 9 &10....Down In Dixie

I realize that I'm like 3 weeks behind in the Summer O Fun posts. But, seriously, what happened to the last 3 weeks???.....

So I'm just gonna back up and play catch up. 

Half of Week 9 was spent packing for our annual Mississippi trip. Seriously. I'm such an early and nervous packer. I don't know why it takes me so long. It's worse when you're packing for a kid too. But, contrary to popular belief, Mississippi is not a third world country. So Jeremie was finally like: "Katie, if you forget it, you can buy it." This comes from someone who essentially throws some clothes in a bag and just surprises himself when he gets to his destination. 

I asked G what he wanted to take to "Sippi" (as he calls it), and he loaded up his TRAC-TOR. Like Father like Son I guess.
Jeremie didn't join us this year so he could stay behind for work. If I didn't know better, I'd think he intentionally shipped us off for 8 nights of utter silence. Fortunately, our airport/flight experience was incredibly better than last time. It was exactly nap time and G was a WILDMAN while we were waiting at the gate, so I was nervous. In fact, when our flight landed, the lady sitting next to us commented on how good G was on the flight. She said "To be honest with you, when I saw him at the gate, I was like: Oh I hope I'm not sitting next to them. But, he did SO GOOD!" I appreciated her honesty (because let's be real...), but I'm still not sure if it was a compliment or not. ; )

Our first stop for the week was "Nona and Papa's". (Jeremie's parents.) I try to split our time in half so all the grandparents get equal time. I could be staying out in the shed, I know it's really about Greyson. Fortunately, Nona took lots of pics of his time there, and made this darling collage. Because most of my time was spent floating around the pool reading. #thankyou #mamasout

And every afternoon when Papa got home from work, he'd take G for a "RIDE" (which is now G's favorite word) in the Ranger. 

Auntie Amy joined us at the pool that weekend so she could get some G time. He thinks she is just a big toy! She is truly the baby whisperer.

We also got to see our Cousin Judah and play at the pool with him. It's so funny, Judah doesn't understand how young Greyson is and just wanted him to "swim" so bad!

We did let him take G for a very supervised ride in the Gator. I'm thinking these two will be TROUBLE down the road.

I joke about our parents only caring about G, but for real, Jeremie's parents consider me their own and we had a great time chatting and laughing after G went to bed. 

Next stop was "CC and Pop's" for more country, rides, and fun. Between the REAL TRAC-TOR, the four-wheeler, and the zero-turn lawnmower, Greyson was in HEAVEN. I think he wore Pop out. 

My mom, who is the MASTER party planner, whipped together a little pancake breakfast for some of my family. 

So we got to visit with my grandmother, aunt, and my cousin with her darling little chunky monkey, Weston. 

We got to pick watermelons out of the garden......

And play toolman.......

And wear CC's glasses everywhere......

And of course I shared some gut-busting laughs with my parents. The below picture was not contrived or planned. I had randomly found the Davie Crockett hat in my dad's utility room and put it on because I thought Greyson would get a kick out of it. (He actually was terrified.) Anyway, I totally forgot about the hat and started working with my Dad on different ways he could arrange his deer heads, turkey fans, guns in their new rec room. We clearly couldn't hold up everything and back away to see what it looked like, so we held up what we could and had my mom take pictures. Let's just say that my dad RARELY has a shirt on when he's working around the house. Between that, my floral shorts, racoon hat, and wall decor, we DIED LAUGHING when we looked at this picture!!!!

And so then my dad thought I should do a photo shoot with his prized gun, a Russian rifle he's named Rosa. (His newest gun's name is Lt. Dan.)  

We just couldn't deal. We were laughing so hard. Those are the best moments with my parents, the unplanned, totally raw ones. 

We ended the week with a pizza/slumber party at my Grammy's house. As most of you know, our Big Jack passed away in March, so he was dearly missed. He would have especially loved Greyson "driving" his treasured Ford truck. 

We loved our slumber party; Greyson played "cashier" with Grammy and danced to her Elvis CD. And of course there were banana nut muffins for us the next morning. We were on an EARLY flight back to Dallas, but managed to get a Four Generation selfie before we left! 

We had a blast and it's fun to imagine all of G's memories he'll make about his "summers in the Sippi".

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