Monday, January 9, 2017

Better Late than Never...November Recap!

OH my dear goodness. I can hardly take it one more day without recapping November because I'm about to have straight holiday amnesia. Did the holidays happen? It's over? Did 2016 just happen? Holy heck.

I'm pretty sure 98% of you don't care that I didn't do a November review.  But since this blog is as much for my memories as anything, I must! (The other 2% is the grandparents who just love to look at pictures of my child.)

After a BUSY October, we were more than excited to pack our bags the first weekend of November and take a mini-road trip to Canton, TX.

CLEARLY, he's excited.
I wish this would've been his disposition the day of departure. Instead, here is a collage of the EMOTIONS that ensued as I packed the car.

How is it that I STILL have to go to the grocery store on vacation???....Actually, we stayed in a cabin and cooked a good bit, so we had to do a Brookshires run. 
We finally made it to our cabin in the country! Words of advice: we VERY often use VRBO for accommodations! You should check it out if you have a vacation coming up!

During our vacation, we hit up the famous First Monday Trade Days and a darling little "country amusement park" called Yesterland Farm

Ready for the pig races!

I actually reviewed our trip to Canton in my December post for the Collin County Mom's Blog! You can read all about it here. The most humorous part was when I tried to black out the windows with trash bags so G could nap without going all the way back to our cabin. REAL. Real funny.

It was so nice to relax and just be with my boys. There was not even a TV in the cabin, so J kicked my butt  played Phase 10 with me each night, so it was super fun quality time. We caught some nice sunrises (BECAUSE PARENTS DON'T SLEEP LATE EVEN ON VACATION) and even did a little fishin'.

The next weekend our Auntie Amy came to visit and we actually went back to Canton to hit up the Paul Michael Store and Yesterland Farm again!

Amy is the FUN CRAZY Aunt. Greyson already knows he can pretty much get her to do anything. 
YES I have mud on my shirt and YES this was the best of like seven tries.
The Rubber Duck Races were definitely G's favorite. We had a blast, ya'll really should check out Yesterland's a great day trip and fun for the whole fam!

The next day, we let J have a little daddy/son time and headed out for some brunch at my fav place Hash House A Go Go.  

Then we made our way to the Lakewood Home Festival where we got to tour six GORGEOUS homes! Oh my goodness. I loved it and it made me want to come home and take everything off the walls and re-arrange! Ha!  They did such a great job of mixing styles of homes on the tour. There was Contemporary, Traditional, Mid-Century, Dutch-Revival (don't ask me what that means but it was divine.) I would DEFINITELY encourage you to do this! We had so much fun and it is the PERFECT girly thing to do! So fun having her in town!

Yes, that is the real color of her eyes, and yes, don't they look like a cool drink of mountain water?
Also in November, the littlest Wells got a hair cut....

And attended a birthday party.......

And had "lunch with friends".....

Apparently, the boys had some important matters to discuss.
For Thanksgiving, we stayed home this year. Jeremie needed to stay on top of some work stuff, and we knew we'd be going to MS for Christmas. (A 9 hour car ride is not something you do with a toddler every few weeks.) But in true fashion, we cooked the WHOLE Thanksgiving meal and had a blast. 

It WASN'T a blast when I went looking for my bag of pecans from Costco and realized that they were GONE. My beloved had eaten a FIVE POUND bag in about 3 weeks. #pecansmuch?
Fortunately, I found a very random bag that I didn't even recognize in the pantry. I have no idea when or where it was from, but we lived, and the pie was great.

I almost didn't include myself in this picture because I didn't have time to get all pretty before dinner.  (Due to above four casseroles and pie.) But this was our first Thanksgiving dinner as a family of three in our home, so I set the self-timer and did it for memory's sake. And I'm glad I did. These are the days y'all.
I did a little Black Friday shopping and had the biggest score at my favorite children's consignment shop, Once Upon a Child. From 8am-10am, the WHOLE store was 50% off! I did a great winter coat haul! 

I was ALL IN the Christmas spirit the second the clock stroke midnight on Thanksgiving! So that weekend, we headed up to McKinney for their annual Home for the Holidays event. I've always wanted to go, but we it's usually the weekend of Thanksgiving, so we aren't here. It was SO FUN and festive!

A train ride is ALWAYS a win in Greyson's book!

The next day we got our {REAL} tree and put all the decorations up! It was nice to be home so I could decorate ASAP and enjoy! 

Morning quiet time is extra nice with a Christmas tree glowing. ; ) 
And that week kicked off our celebration of 582 Christmas events. We headed to The Shops at Willow Bend to see the snow globe and G was SUPER into the Polar Bear exhibit. 

Santa Claus was in attendance but I didn't want to push my luck. So we did a little shopping. 

And that was November! Whew! It seems like a year ago! December's up next, and I can't wait to catch you up on all the jolly, jingle, and Christmas cheer we squeezed in!

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