Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I Wish Every Day Could Like....New Year's Day {2017 Edition}

Hello there and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.

This is the second edition of "I Wish Every Day Could Be Like New Year's Day".......I think I have to slightly disagree with Bon Jovi wishing every day was like Christmas. Because let's face it ya'll. We set some pretty high expectations to make ONE DAY SUPER SPECIAL. And between gifting failures, sleep deprivation, toddler tantrums, and squeezing in three family celebrations, the days is crazy busy and MAY OR MAY NOT result in a little spousal "festive discussion" on the way from one parent's house to another. Not saying it happened, just sayin'. ; )

So after the gifts are returned and the dust is settled, it's nice to return back to normal life. After taking Christmas yesterday and sweeping away the last of 102,358 tree needles, I'm feeling motivated and "goals oriented". Ya'll....I LOVE putting the decorations up...but I love taking them down. Having everything cleared out definitely gives me that fresh New Year feel.

Last year I blogged about my "2016 Goals", so I thought it'd be fun to look at them again and see how I did!

Here were my "BIG Goals" for 2016
  • Complete daily bible study lesson-I did good at this! I've been getting up before Greyson to do this and it changes my entire day!
  • More prayer/quiet time-Still needs improvement, but again, consist morning quiet time helped with this!
  • FINISH reading the entire Bible (um, I started this one year mission in 2012!) -This totally did NOT happen.
  • Volunteer more - I wasn't very specific on this one! ha! But we'll say that this did increase in various ways. 
  •  Blog more-This stayed about the same I'm guessing. No more, no less.
  • Work out at least twice a week - I DID go to the gym more, and LOVED it. It was sporadic though because I had about 57 sinus infections this year. I can't wait for classes to start back up and get in there! 
  • Pray for Greyson more-Of course I did, but not in the way I intended.
  • PLAY with Greyson more (Like intentional play time, not just keep him distracted)-Lawd have mercy, we PLAY. But he has also gotten more imaginative, and plays on his own a lot with his trucks and such. 
  • Pray for my hubby more- Again, yes, but not in the way I intended.
  •  Pray WITH my hubby more- Not really-We discuss scripture/what we are studying and how we are growing, but not intentionally praying together. 
  • Go on more dates with hubby- We have actually done a decent job at this! We have added some babysitters to the docket so this has been achievable! 
And just for fun, here were my "additional" smaller goals" for 2016...you know...the ones that you KNOW won't happen, but you tell yourself: "I'll do better at this!" 
  • More intentional 1:1 time with friends-I do see my friends a lot, but I'm discovering that actual 1:1 time is a tall order. Between kids, scheduling, and family time, this usually looks like a chicken biscuit while the kids terrorize Chick-fil-a.
  • Keep a cleaner car- Well, I did get a new car that was already clean, so does that count? I did incorporate a 5 gallon bucket as a trash can in my car and it's life changing. It does seem to be straighter but dear goodness, it needs a good vacuuming
  • Clear my photo stream so I can UPDATE MY PHONE!-Ha! I just got a new phone with MORE STORAGE! PHOTO HOARDERS UNITE!
  • Stay updated on printing said pictures on my phone (because, one day I’m gonna start scrapbooking again, right?)-NAH
  • Clean out closet & dresser-YES! I tried for the 12th time to take a bunch of stuff to the consignment shop and make some $$$ like everybody talks about, but most of my stuff got REJECTED. I do not understand this and yes, it hurts my pride. Never again.
  • Keep house clean (but not TOO clean, because that would mean I’m not having intentional play time with Greyson)-Eeeehhhh.....It's livable. 
  • Clean out office space (to do more blogging in…..duh...)- Well, I'm blogging right now IN THE OFFICE SPACE, so I'll call that a WIN!
  • Go to bed earlier- NOPE. Is any parent actually successful at this???
Well, that was fun. I pretty mediocre after that list. 

UN-met Goals aside, 2016 WAS one of my favorite years ever, which I'll recap in another post! (I've still gotta catch up on November!) We did so many fun things and Greyson just changed and grew so much this year; it's been amazing to watch! 

SO........here we go for 2017. I've got the New Year's vibes and have some goals in mind. Definitely not as many though. ; ) 

2017 Goals: 
  • Continued morning quiet/prayer/Bible Study time
  • Blog more! I love doing this. It is my outlet. I just need to make time for it. And now that I'm writing for the Collin County Moms Blog, carving out time for this is necessary. 
  • Declutter/organize: Our house is not the biggest in the world, but I think by organizing and simplifying, it could be more "livable". 
  • Hang pictures on the walls! I have lots of pictures and lots of blank walls! 
  • Eat healthier/get back in the gym. DUH.
  • Be a good friend. I've got old friends, new friends, some close, some far. 
  • Continued date nights with my main squeeze. Even if this is here at home. We had the BEST time playing cards at night on our Fall Vacation! (The cabin didn't have a TV, but it ended up being just fine). ; ) The point is to just be intentional. 
I'm gonna call it a day with that. Of course, there's other things that I hope to accomplish but these are the ones I wanna focus on and hopefully everything else will be frosting. ; )  I hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and would love to hear some of your goals! 

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