Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Eight Years and a Bucket List

Our EIGHT YEAR Anniversary was yesterday and it came and went so fast!!! J was swamped at work...and...well, that's right, I was swamped "at work", too. ; ) 

We finally put the little bobcat to bed and sat down to a peaceful dinner together...which was actually in the form of an appetizer platter! (Our fav).  I was trying hard to make the presentation special, but I finally just got too hungry and sat the whole plastic container of olives on my fancy Vietri china platter and said "Dig IN." 

Jeremie and I never do huge anniversary "gifts"; usually we try to travel or do something special. (Last year we went to Three Forks and saw Wicked.)  But I did luck up and find this little bucket at one of my favorite shops/cafe, Lekka

After dinner, we had THE BEST time sitting there and creating our bucket list. It has the cutest little cards inside to write what's on your bucket list, and when you achieved it.  

Have you ever seen the movie RV?! If not, please do.
To be honest, it's been a wild year. Greyson is....well...a toddler, Jeremie has started a business, and to be honest, I think we've been SO caught up in doing LIFE that we've kinda shoved our "fun" big dreams into the back of our minds. It was a like natural stress reliever to just sit there and dream and talk and imagine all the fun adventures we want to do. A few of ours included: 
  • A BIG 10 year anniversary trip....somewhere out of the country....right now, we're thinking Scotland/England, maybe pass through Paris....
  • Go to a football game at each SEC school
  • Buy a farm
  • Go to the Holy Land
  • Attend a MSU National Championship game....any sport...(GET IT TOGETHER MISSISSIPPPI STATE)
I even noticed myself thinking of things to add to our bucket list throughout the day, and it was super fun to get my mind off the mundane! 

I don't know WHY we've never done this before, but I would highly recommend it! This was a super fun anniversary activity.  

Clearly, the concept is don't need a fancy bucket or tags.  BUT, if you WANT one, I did find the bucket I bought on Amazon here

Another funny 'lil story from yesterday. When J came home he really just had that "deer in the headlight" look.  And my first thought was "He doesn't even have a card." Listen. I'm okay with no gift and a weekend celebration. But you better have a card ON the day. He started to explain that he DID have a card, but he didn't like how he worded what he wrote. (Jeremie actually writes in cards...I had to step up my game when we started dating.) So on the way home, he stopped at Walgreens to get another card. On the way in the door, he threw card #1 into the Walgreens trash can. He got in the store and almost immediately, realized that he left his wallet at work. So he walks out.... and DIGS CARD #1 BACK OUT OF THE TRASH CAN. I died laughing. And handed him a Sharpie to mark out his unsatisfactory comments. The final result was a beautiful, well-worded card. And I totally got what he was trying to say, so I really don't know what he was so worried about. It was sweet and hilarious.

And I won't get all mushy, but big thanks to the hubs for keeping his promise to LOVE me through good times and bad. 

And now let's look back at a few wedding photos and reminisce about how young and tiny and energetic and tan we were. Shall we?

This is my favorite picture from our wedding day, hands down. This is 100% me and Jeremie.

We rang our cowbells as we were announced husband and wife!


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