Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY Y'ALL! Whew! We made it! I've gone to bed LATE every night this week and I'm strugglin' this morning!  But Friday's still my favorite and as usual, I'm linking up with Narci to report my Friday Favorites! Join in on the link up!

1) SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND. I'm happy to report that I am typing this post from my very own MacBook. YES. Now, let me tell you, this has been a long time comin'. My old laptop was killed in the fire and so 2.5 years I've been using this HUGE MACHINE that I like to call Bessie. She weighs as much as my toddler. To be honest, I was embarrassed to lug her into the coffee shops to write or work. I had some trainings this week for the mom blogs though, so I really didn't have a choice. And the girls didn't make fun, but they chuckled at my ole dinosaur. 

Jeremie must have felt super sorry for me and it DID happen to be our anniversary AND Mother's Day week. So he showed up yesterday while I was home during Mother's Day Out with an Apple bag. I was taking out the trash and just about hit the floor.  I may or may not have cried. Between working and writing for the moms blog, I'm finding that I really needed a new computer. I am so excited. Now I just have to figure out how to use it! ; ) 

2) Our EIGHT year anniversary was Tuesday and we started our very first official bucket list. And y'all. I CAN'T STOP thinking about it! I go through the day like: "What can we add to our bucket list?" I recommend you start your can read all about ours here.

3) This one. I feel like this week his chatty level has gone through the roof. He talks non stop. LIKE HIS MAMA. Adventures in potty training continue. This week we went to the Chic-Fil-A and after lunch I let him climb in the play area. I was SO PROUD that he made it to the top all by himself and then I heard silence. And listen. If you hear SILENCE from a toddler, something's VERY WRONG. And sure enough, he was pooping. He couldn't figure out how to get down, so in front of all of West Plano, I had to scale the play structure and the only option down was to go down the slide. You can just imagine what that did to his poopy pants. As we marched to the bathroom, he continued to inform everyone loudly: "I POOPIED IN MY PANTS!". It was a proud Mom moment. 

He got the ice cream before the poop incident. Clearly.
The days sure are urgent and hectic and trying, but just LOOK at this little angel. I still just am amazed that God imparted this little life to my care. 

4) The weather here has been amazing lately and we've been taking full advantage! 

We've been frequenting our new favorite park often!
Also for you locals, I've found a new gem in the "kid friendly restaurant" industry! A new area called the Boardwalk has opened! It'll be home to a few new restaurants, only 2 of which are open now. We checked out Chip's Hamburgers last week and it was AMAZING! The atmosphere is incredible and they even have a little play are right next to the patio! The Boardwalk overlooks a pond and fountain and has rocking chairs to relax in! You should definitely check it out! 

5) I have a favorite new mommy tip and it's saving my life! Jeremie built Greyson a sandbox a couple of weeks ago and while I was SUPER EXCITED about a safe backyard activity that keeps G in one spot for more than 5 minutes, I sort did the eye roll about ALL THE SAND that would occupy my home. But listen!!! I read a blog about taking kids to the beach actually, and she recommended baby powder to remove ALL THE SAND from ALL THE PLACES. And y'all. It works like a charm! Literally just sprinkle some regular baby powder and the sand is instantly gone! Mind blown! I realize this sounds like a super unimportant problem, but as we approach summer time and vacations to the beach and trips to the sandbox, I bet you'll be thanking me later!

That's all I got! Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Woo hoo congrats on the Macbook! THat is so exciting! And the bucketlist idea is great.