Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer O Fun Week 2

The Summer O Fun bucket list is being checked off one by one! (A sinus infection and bronchitis was NOT on the list, but sadly, that was reality for us last week.) So I'll catch ya up on the week before! 

I was SUPER excited about the "Strawberry Shortcake Party". And by "party" I mean some Wal-Mart shortcakes, Ready Whip, and strawberries. I was SURE that Greyson was gonna go nuts over the Ready Whip and he was pretty much terrified. Total FAIL. Whatever. Worked out for me since I got to eat like 5 shortcakes.

I love how he's looking a his delicious treat in total disgust and disbelief.
We also hit up the KIDZ indoor playground at Prestonwood Church. This place is AMAZING! The picture is terrible, but Mr. Tinypants wouldn't slow down to let me take my time. There is a huge foam "hill" with tunnels they can climb up and through and then the left side is like a 3 story jungle gym. I didn't think G would be able to navigate it, but when I turned around after chatting with my friend, I found he had successfully reached the second level. So I high-tailed it over there and followed him up to the top. (His new little friend, Stella, was also leading the way.) The only way down is a choice of 3 slides. G chose the spiral one and LAWD HAVE MERCY it went round and round for 3 stories down. I completely thought I was gonna have vertigo afterwards. G seemed to love it! I HIGHLY recommend this place. Prestonwood also has it's own full service cafe, so you could make a whole play date and lunch out of this place! It's great! 

Henry's Ice Cream is a famous Homemade Ice Cream place that has been around Plano over 30 years. Everyone says how great it is, so we had to check it out. And oh my goodness, it was divine! I had Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl in a cone. Jeremie shared a banana split with Lil G who was not super impressed with ice cream. He took about three bites and was over it. WHO IS THIS CHILD. 

We still had a great time and plan to go back since they have Hirsch's hot dogs for $1 for lunch! 

We also had "service projects" on our list for the summer. Clearly, G doesn't grasp the concept yet, but it's never too early to serve! We found an awesome ministry called "Hands and Feet" that does activities designed for 2-5 year olds. This weekend we brought food and help pack lunch bags for kids who may not get lunch during the summer since they usually eat lunch at school. G did enjoy coloring the bag and throwing the food items in there!

In the meantime, we are spending lots of time in the backyard! 

The Redneck Riviera!
Greyson is clearly enjoying his pool!
Can't wait to report on what we check off this week!

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