Monday, May 9, 2016

Lucky Number Seven

Today is our 7 year anniversary. Seven years ago I was THE most excited person in the entire world. And even though everyone else was staring at the huge clouds that promised a storm, I had no idea. I was just ready to marry my guy. 

We met on April Fool's Day 2005 and at that moment, I wish someone had frozen time and the heavens would have declared "You're gonna marry that boy". Because I can tell you that thought did not cross my mind. But ya'll, over the next few months he straight up STOLE my heart. And by the end of the summer I was done. 

Despite that, it took us about 4 years to get our lives in order enough to get married. (Because of jobs, moving, etc.) At that time, it seemed like ETERNITY. But looking back, God apparently did impart some wisdom on us. It was the perfect timing. 

Jeremie and I share the same love.....Mississippi State. So DUH, everything had to take place there! 

It was a dream come true! 

Ringing our cowbells as Jack Cristal announced us husband and wife! My sister straight up went to his house and recorded his voice! It was a total surprise and we LOVED it! 

Such sweet memories! Happy Anniversary to my one and only! 

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