Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break 2017!

Whew.....we returned a week ago from our Spring Break Trip and still trying to get ourselves in gear.  Am I the only one that's STRUGGLIN' with the time change?!  I look up it's like 7:00 p.m.!!! And I'm all: "We need to MOVE IT PEOPLE! We've got dinner to eat, baths to take, toys to pick up, stories to read!" We often eat dinner peacefully after G goes to bed, but he's been going to bed so late that it's literally been like 9:30 before I've sat down to eat dinner.  Craziness.  

Anyway, without further's a recap of our fabulous Spring Break 2017. 

We left on an early flight from DFW.  Trying to wrangle a toddler in a airport is like trying to baptize a cat.  Hence the monkey leash. It is my friend. Judge. Judge away.  I'll ask you two questions though: 1) Do you have a toddler? 2) Have you seen Taken? No thank you, my friends. G can escape my eyesight in two shakes of a lambs tail. In the time it takes me to put my license back in my wallet, he could be halfway to the sky tram. 


Flying with a toddler is also like carrying a ticking time bomb, because any way you slice it, you are about 3 hours away from a complete four alarm meltdown. Any delays, malfunctions, or long lines on the tarmac is one step closer to a missed nap, lunchtime, or heaven forbid, a diaper situation. Praise all that is holy, our flight left on time with no issues!  

Greyson was a complete dream on the flight. Granted it was only one hour, but I was pretty proud of him.  I came in with guns blazing though. From experience, I've learned toddlers need something to distract them from the fact that they're confined to a small space.  So I hit up the Dollar Tree and Target $1 aisle and loaded up on cheap stickers, Hot Wheels and other goodies.  I put them in the small clear Christmas bags so they looked like "presents".  My plan was to have a new "present" every 15 minutes.  On this flight, I actually only used ONE of them! He enjoyed eating his snack on the tray too, so I just kept my little bag for the return flight. In which we used EVERY SINGLE PRESENT within 20 minutes. We can't fool them. They are SMARTER THAN US.


We arrived in Jackson, MS and I love that the first thing I saw was a Mississippi State add that said "Welcome to Our State". You go Dawgs. #alumni #hailstate


My friend Meg picked us up and we met my parents in Meridian to drop off Lil G.  (We were on our way to a girls weekend in Huntsville, AL.) 

I handed G to a very happy CC and Pop and me and Meg were like "Peace OUT". 

 My mom of course packed us care packages, so we talked non stop, ate chocolate, and drank sweet tea all the way to Huntsville. I have no idea what we talked about for 4 hours, but we NEVER. STOPPED. #winnersneverquit

This would be a Slim Jim from our care package. #momsgonewild
Meanwhile, my mom sent me this picture.

It was a miracle.  He made it all morning, through the flight and everything, and finally passed out on the way to their house. 
We arrived in Hunstville and met up with Mary, our third counterpart for dinner. I've been partying with these ladies since 2004. We've been through it ALL together.  All the things. We had a blast at dinner catching up. 

Meg and I stayed in a hotel, so we slept late, ate some free waffles, made a shopping run, and headed to watch Mary's little princess in her FIRST dance recital! Meg and I have boys, so the Monster Jam is more on our docket.  Being able to participate in something girly was so fun! Sweet Emmaline did so good! Meg and I danced along to "Uptown Funk" in the back like the two embarrassing Aunts we are. 

We had a cupcake party for her afterwards, complete with pink and white tutu toppers. 


Meanwhile, here's what MY child was doing...
Riding a pig. He stayed with my in-laws through the weekend and got to see his Cousin Judah! They owned the Zoo.

Doesn't J look just a tad bit like his Dad?! Crazy.

 We headed back to MS the next my ALL BOY little boy.  No more pink tutus. ; )

I LOVED the weekend with my girlfriends, but I don't stay away from G too much and I really missed him! I stayed with my in-laws the next couple of days, so I enjoyed getting to play "construction site" in their yard and getting to visit with them.

We headed to CC and Pop's for the next few days and it'd be an understatement to say he was completely spoiled. 

Ice cream is provided on demand.

Greyson even tried to convince CC to take him out in the rain.
I was a little spoiled myself, as I declared that Wednesday "Professional Development Day".  I had a haircut, did some shopping, and ate a meal at a nice restaurant by myself! You can read all about it here. ( need to plan your PDD now!)

The rest of the week we just relaxed and hung out with family! A trip to my grandparent's farm, and a ride on the four-wheeler, tractor, and dump truck is always in order. Seriously, my parent's place is like a little boy's amusement park.  

And what's a trip to MS without a little metal detecting.  My sister is relentless. She will be the one that makes it big in the family. For a lot of reasons. 
During nap time, I spent a couple of days cleaning out my childhood closet. My dear parents have let me hoard my stuff there long enough. The writing was on the wall. You're 32. Take your stuff. I admit, I actually enjoyed this activity.  I found some gems y'all. 

First up, my "pencil collection".  This was a thing, people. Look at all the shiny designs and fresh unused  erasers. I do remember the Lion King one being a PRIZE find. In the end, I had some laughs and said goodbye. #nopencilleftbehind 

Then of course, the pictures. They ranged from my chunky toddler pics, to my missing two front teeth, to the layered "Rachel" haircut, to the many many prom dresses. I love this one....I see a LOT of Lil G in this.  Look at those perfectly placed little hands. #rulesfollower

I even found one of my pageant crowns, the "Miss Hospitality" crown to be specific. And I just had to do a photo shoot in front of the unicorn poster that still adorns the inside of my closet door. I believe that was a 5th grade book fair find.

But the greatest find of ALL was my old diaries.  Y'all. I didn't realize I kept such a dedicated log of my fairly uneventful life. Apparently, I thought it was QUITE eventful, because there's even one diary (shaped like a piano if you will) that has a lock and I DO NOT HAVE THE KEY. They were hysterical. Hysterical. There was more teeny-bopper language and slang than a Babysitters Club book. I died. Apparently I was dying over my middle school boyfriend (whose name I will not divulge but the entire town of Petal could)  because an endless amount of entries were about him and how we were supposed to be together: 4-EVA. Yes. 

Our Auntie Amy came down a few days, because she loves my child as much as I do. And we enjoyed hitting the zoo again with her and CC. The train ride was a favorite. 


And so was this guy. 


This man was working on one of the zoo exhibits, shoveling some dirt into a wheelbarrow, which to G qualifies as a CONSTRUCTION SITE. Greyson could have watched this man all day. He ended up giving G a dollar to feed the animals so we had to get a picture. Friendly people like this just are the light of the world y'all. And here's our Taylor girl pic...isn't it only took 72 tries. You should see the outtakes.


After naptime, Greyson and CC made an little chocolate treat. 


We left on a SUPER EARLY flight to return home, which was awesome since the time changed that very night. Strugglin. 4:45 felt like 3:45. G was a pretty good flyer on the way back. He did go through my entire bag of tricks and request that we switch seats mid flight. Whoever made it mandatory to purchase an extra seat when they turn 2 knew what they were talking about. 

We missed "DADA" so much and were so happy to see him! I wish I would've taken a video when we got off the plane, because G ran all the way through the terminal and into baggage claim yelling: "DADA??? DADA???" It was adorable! 

And that was Spring Break 2017!  I don't need a wild time or fancy places. Just give me a couple grandmothers and some mornings to sleep in and I'm a happy camper. And I love watching all of our parents get to spend some time with G. Since we live far away, we don't get to see them as often as we like, so when we do, it's always a special treat and an adventure. 

I hope your Spring Break was amazing! 

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