Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter Recap

Hello and Happy Thursday to ya! I tried to post this yesterday, but I'm having a little disagreement with my iCloud and photo storage. I spent the ENTIRE nap time yesterday in the black whole of downloading and deleting photos. Which ticked me off. Sometimes I wish we lived back in the world of film where we don't have the freedom to take 724 pictures of our sweet cherubs each week.  Not really. But maybe. 

Anyway, I hope your Easter holiday was delightful.  Ours was. I came back about 6 pounds heavier due to powdered donuts, french onion dip, and REAL COKE. Like in the red can, people. YES. Give me all that syrup that takes 7 years to digest. 

At the last minute, my hubby decided for us to hop the 2x2 plane that charters us to our hometown regional airport with one gate. It's adorable y'all. The same people with the ear muffs and cones are the same people that check your bags. Thank the Lord though, really for this one hour flight. It has made it possible for us to see our families quickly and often!

Since someone actually has to pay the bills, Jeremie doesn't get to go on our week long excursions and spend much time with his family. So this trip was born and we had the best time; it was so nice to have Jeremie with us!

Since J also doesn't get the PLEASURE of flying with a toddler as much as I do, he booked Greyson's seat next to his. And all the angels sang and Mama sat in front and READ A BOOK during the flight. It might be the most still I've been since my epidural.

Our first stop was my Grammy and Big Jack's house, which is about 10 minutes from the airport. We had a "pizza party" and Grammy had a special gift for Greyson.  I can't tell you how many pizza parties I've had at this table. 

As you recall, my Big Jack passed away last year. He and Grammy spent a lifetime traveling together, mainly in campers. This "little camper" is one of them. And Grammy decided to pass the torch and gift it to Greyson. At first he didn't fully understand that the camper itself was the present, but after he hopped in, he was all about his "little house".

I have so many memories with my grandparents in this camper, so it was really sweet to see Grammy and my little guy in it together. 

This lady is my heart. She has physically fought for her life a few times, and we just have a special connection.She strong and sweet and loves her family.
Easter Day rolled around and we got all gussied up for church. I will say that our church is super casual, so it was really fun to get dressed up.  I think my crew looked pretty cute. I loved seeing everybody's pictures on Facebook, too. 

Can I be super honest and say that since we were all decent and together and had a great background, I tried to get some cute family pics. We tried this darlin' little natural pose where you swing your kid, and while Jeremie looks absolutely adorable, Greyson's head is missing and it looks like we are throwing him into a pot of boiling water. Over it. Seriously, how are these family Pinterest pictures happening? 

Nona managed to get a good one.

I hope she knows this dress WILL be missing from her closet soon.
The church cantata was great other than Greyson asking loudly "Is Nona done?" every time they finished a song. He also sat between me and J and rubbed both of our heads THE ENTIRE TIME. (It's a comfort thing. He does it to himself.) I wish a I had a picture from behind, because every church member mentioned it afterwards.

Jeremie's grandparents
And y'all. This is how we do it in the South. 

My mom joined us for lunch since my dad was on a turkey hunting trip. Our families are super close, which makes me super thankful!

Grandmother put the train together just for Lil G.
And the rest of the weekend, we just hung out together. We played in the sandbox....

And ate ice cream...

And took walks in the "woods"...

And picked flowers...

And played Oh so hard with our cousin, Judah.  They had the biggest time and it was so fun to see them really play together. WILD. BOYS.

And even though the boys look like the only ones who braved the 68 degree water.......

Let me tell you a little story. G had been by the pool a good bit during the weekend, and each time, we'd slip on his little Puddle Jumper. But at one point, everybody headed inside for a snack, so I took it off and was letting him finish his little "fishing trip" with his plastic pole. It was like slow motion. I saw him bend over a little and his equilibrium was just off and into the pool he went. Y'ALL. I haven't moved that fast since 9th grade cheerleader tryouts. I dived right in after him. He actually didn't freak out, and SHOCKINGLY, neither did I. You know that 90% of a toddler's reaction is usually based on yours, so I didn't want him to be forever terrified of the pool. I laughingly said "Well, look at you! You went swimming!" We grabbed a towel for the pool room, called for J, and he saw we were soaked and was like: "WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?" I passed G over and then did my freaking out inside. Honestly, he was only in the pool for an INSTANT, but it just made me realize how quickly and easily something can happen. Needless to say, I'll be signing him up for swim lessons PRONTO. 

Our last night, Greyson requested that "Papa read", which is adorable, especially for the fact that he is ONLY letting ME read to him at night right now. 

The weekend ended as quickly as it began, and since we have a flair for the dramatic, they barely let us on the plane. (We were right on time, if not a smidge late, so really our fault.) But knowing how waiting around for the next plane would totally screw up my toddler's schedule, I about went all Mama Bear on them and they let us on. ; )

Greyson was super excited to experience his FIRST bus ride to the Remote parking lot. 
And that was Easter y'all! 

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