Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU! Whoo hoo people! I just love a Friday! Can't wait for the hubby to get off work and do our normal Friday Night Family night out to dinner! That's one thing I love about living in a big town....although we have our favorites...there is ALWAYS something new popping up that we haven't tried!  

I went out to eat with a friend last night, and y'all...we didn't LEAVE the restaurant until 10:45!!!!! Listen, in college, I was still drying my HAIR at 10:45. But Mama can't keep up like she used to.  I'm strugglin' today. 

Nevertheless, I'm linking up with my usual, Miss Narci, for Friday Favorites!

1) Jeremie built Greyson a sandbox over the weekend and OH MY STARS this thing is like a free babysitter. Greyson is totally obsessed with the sandbox and has spent HOURS in it. I can see him in there from out the back door, so I've even managed to get a little done while he's out there having a little "independent play time".  Our buddy Patrick had to come break ground with us and Greyson has also asked our little neighbor Audrey to "PLEASE come play in my sandbox." He was like in her grill, asking over and over until she said yes.  I told him he sounded like his Daddy asking for my number 12 years ago.  ; ) 

2) During my weekly Kroger run, I spotted this little gift card kiosk. Apparently these are gift cards appropriate for the #BestMomEver. Excuse me, but if Jeremie Wells blesses me with a Cabela's and Uber gift card I'M OUT. #mostjadedmomever

On second Uber gift card to the Marshall's and Mexican Restaurant around the corner might be much appreciated.
3) Today I met up with my Square One tribe for a playdate at UrbanAir, a trampoline park. Friday mornings are reserved for toddlers only, and it was SO MUCH FUN. This is definitely the way to spring all that extra energy out of your little Tigger toddler. There's even a little Ninja warrior course, which I SEMI-ATTEMPTED and let's just hope there's no security camera's in that area. 

4) This was CERTAINLY not a favorite moment of mine....but for your pleasure, I'll report.  Without getting into details, just know we had a little accident in the Chic-fil-A bathroom yesterday in which one of Greyson's favorite Monster Jam toys fell into the toilet. With stuff in there, OH YES. And while I considered it for a split second, there was no way to flush "Grave Digger" down the toilet. So yep, Mama had to fish him out. And into the trash can he went. I was not even going to try to redeem that situation.  Nothing another $3.88 won't buy. I feel like I crossed the inevitable threshold of motherhood where you have to fish something out of the toilet. 

5) This Tuesday WAS a favorite for me, as I finally just CLEANED HOUSE. Not that I enjoy cleaning, but it was about to drive me CRAZY...because this is how I felt...

The bathroom floors needed a come to Jesus meeting. So even though it lasted about 2.5 seconds, I LOVED having a CLEAN house. And back on the hamster wheel we go!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I'm off to a ladies small group retreat, so if you're reading, please say a brief prayer for my husband, child, dog, home, valuables, and marital status. ; )


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