Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favorties

Hello friends! And Happy Friday to you! It's been a long week y'all. And I'm not feeling 100%, so this will be short and sweet. But there have been some great moments, so let's capture those, shall we?

As usual, I'm linking up with my girl, Narci for some Friday Favorites!

1) After a loooooong week that started last Saturday morning with our kick off "Potty Party", I finally felt confident enough to take my hard workin', patient, potty-usin' Lil G to the park. (Don't worry, the car was not far away equipped with the potty, trash bags, and wipes.) 

He insisted on taking his baseball and bat, and I caught this shot of him walking onto the baseball diamond.  This one tugs at my heart strings y'all. 

2) One day, when I recover from the PTSD of potty training, I will write an entire post about the experience.  I will say, even though it was NUTS, I do think we had a better experience than some people, mainly because G WAS ready, and because I'm a RULES FOLLOWER. So I did everything, ALL THE THINGS the woman instructs in her manual. 

G's main problem was completely emptying his bladder, because I'd scare his poor self to death rushing him to the potty.  So we spend some quality time waiting.
This was not in the manual, but I just roughly, and super quickly drew out a chart...the "DRY-MOMETER" if you will to track G's potty progress...or failures.  The days and accidents really did run together so I was glad I did this so I could review what he did and see patterns, etc. 
So even though this week has been SUPER trying mentally, physically, and emotionally, I am SO happy to say that G is getting the hang of it, asking to potty, and going in the potty.  He hasn't worn a diaper in 6 days and saving $$$$$$$$$$$ on diapers and wipes is DEFINITELY a favorite! 

3) On Tuesday afternoon, G really was struggling with the potty and so was Mommy. I was out of patience.  My hubby must have ESP, because in a SUPER WEAK moment, he called and said he was on the way home early and ready to take charge.  He told me to think about where I wanted to go. I couldn't decided between a movie or a pedicure and he said "Do BOTH!" And I took him up on it. And I ended up with lovely toes and at Beauty and the Beast by myself.  And it was glorious. Jeremie is always worried about my well being and even though he was having an outrageous week, he made sure I had a break. Extra points! 

The movie was outstanding! The music, the costumes, the love story....I may or may not have cried during their little dance.  

That's all I can muster for today.  I usually try to list five favorites, because that sounds good, but I'm out.  Hope ya'll have an amazing weekend!  

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  1. I hope you are holding up! Potty training is the WORST! I'll have to tackle it again this summer with my youngest and I'm dreading it so terribly.