Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Teacher Gift Time

Here we are, already at Wednesday! We just attended our next to last session of Bible Study Fellowship for the year and my heart is breaking a little.  I love my study group, and I LOVE the couple hours I get to sit still and talk about the Lord while my little cherub is downstairs where there is teaching, training, AND rebuking happening.  That's biblical, y'all. 2 Timothy 3:16 ; ) 

Anyway, as we approach the end of the "school year", teacher gifts are on the my radar. Now that I have a WILD BANDICOOT of my own, I'm like, "YOU PEOPLE DESERVE A GIFT." A good one. 

Greyson is only 2.5, so he only does a little two day Mother's Day Out program. But these ladies have been amazing, they are ALWAYS so cheerful and praising of Greyson. They make lots of effort to do engaging activities with him, a lot of which are tied to The Bible. Even through potty training, and cleaning up G's many accidents, they have been so cooperative, supportive, and encouraging.  Great teachers really make a big difference! 

Now, I do think that like everything else, Pinterest has taken the Teacher Gift industry to a whole new level. The amount of creativity and crafting looks exhausting to the point I just want to go buy an apple. Y'all. Most teachers are moms too. They know we are running around like crazy people. They don't expect a sliced apple sculpture in the shape of the ABC's. A simple, sweet gesture is good enough. 

So I did a little craftless-Pinterest-trollin' today though, and found several SUPER easy but adorable ideas! 

Beach Towel

I found this on Sister's, What blog, and think this is adorable! No doubt, EVERYONE needs a beach towel for the summer! I just love the presentation and you could slip in any other goodies like sunglasses, beach balm, or flip flops! The BEST PART is that the card is a FREE printable and they have a couple of different designs! Seriously, this looks so easy! 


And all the teachers said AMEN, right?! My teacher friends say that this is one of their favorite gifts to get! 

If you know their favorite drink, I love this printable from Bren Did, And You Can Too. SUPER cute and super easy! I do love being personal and giving them the specific thing I know they love! 

If you want to give the freedom of choice, DIY JOY also has an adorable printable that you can tie to a cute cup and put a gift card inside. Again, love the presentation and the simplicity! This post actually has "33 Best Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas" you should check it out! (Some are a little crafty and involve glitter and nail polish, which we DO NOT ALLOW in Greyson's sight. No ma'am.)

Bath and Body/Soap

I have actually done this a couple years because Bath and Body Works just has the most amazing deals on their hand soaps. (They are usually like 6 for $24 and sometimes there's a coupon!) They all smell so delicious! I do think scents are pretty personal, but hand soaps are general enough.  I always end up finding one that I feel like matches each teachers personality. I don't have a picture of mine, but I've used the little saying before: "Happy Summer! Now you can wash your hands of my child!" 

I found this FREE printable on Close To Home and thought it was adorable! 

Gift Cards

And finally, gift cards for the win, folks. I personally love getting gift cards but always feel sorta tacky giving them. Like I didn't really think about the gift. But, I love that you can pretty much find a gift card for any store now, so you really could get personal with this by asking your teacher some questions! I loved the many options of gift card printables at Crazy Little Projects. They are so cute and colorful! 

So that's my list! I really love all these ideas and can't decide which one to go with this year! Which one is YOUR favorite? 

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