Monday, April 17, 2017

Friday Favorites...on Monday!

Did I mess with your head when you saw Friday Favorites?! I's Monday.....

I had already started this post last week with my favorites for the week and got lost in Easter parties, packing, and catching planes! So I'm a little late, but still gonna link up to one of my favs, Miss Narci and catch up! 

1) I was still in the WOES of potty training last week.  Literally on Sunday, I walked into our church's small group time IN TEARS. The next day, my sweet friend said "I'm coming over with Starbucks. What do you want?" I just sent a screen shot of this and she arrived in 20 minutes.  Thankful, for YOU Emily. 

And YOU yummy Starbucks tea with a name too long to type. 
2) If you read my last post about my child looking like a sheepdog, please know that we had a reckoning right away. Haircut was scheduled and executed on Tuesday. I absolutely adore the little salon we go to.  G sits on a different apparatus each time and this time he chose a motorcycle.  Seriously, I sat on a wooden plank to boost me up as a kid. If you're local, you have to check out Kids B Kids

3) I didn't have anything special for G's Easter basket this year, and really wasn't that worried about it. But on Thursday, I swung into the Prestonwood Children's Bookstore, and wow, that place is adorable, and filled with the most DARLING gifts! There was ONE set of this Easter Story Egg sitting on a shelf and I fell in love with it! It has 7 beautiful nesting eggs and a book that leads you through Holy Week.  (Simple, short writings; perfect for children!) We'll be pulling this out every year.  Apparently, it is super popular, because the company website, Star From Afar was sold out! They have a super cute wooden nativity set too!

4) Greyson's school had an Easter party on Thursday.  They send us little photos throughout the day with updates of what they're doing.  I got this one during they're party while they were eating their snack. The caption says: "Break this bread and eat it-when you do, think of Jesus"....and OH DEAR, my heart just about burst. I pray every day that a seed is planted in his heart to know and love Christ early on in his life. And I am just super thankful that his teachers are watering that seed. 

5) And while G was breaking bread, I was drinking much coffee. I'm working on piece for Collin County Moms blog that required for me to check out some really neat places.  And drink some really good coffee.  It was a good day. : ) 

This IS an actual picture of my actual cup. 
So fast forward through the weekend, and we have gone and come back from a great Easter weekend in Mississippi. I'm 6 pounds heavier and G is taking a 3 hour nap. I'll be recapping our trip later! 

But for now, I hope you're having a great Monday! 

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