Saturday, June 24, 2017

Friday Favorites: "Greyson Says"

Well yesterday was all sorts of busy between the pool and getting ready for Parents Night Out, so I'm catching up today with my Friday Favorites! Linking up with Erika today...she's got all kind of super cute and fun things from a staycation at the Gaylord to cute beach towels and tops....

This week we've been so laid back and just enjoying the freedom from schedule during the summer.  We've been hitting up some of our Summer O' Fun activities, so I'll save all our weekly happenings for that post! 

Meanwhile, I feel like Greyson's personality, preferenceS, feelings, thoughts, opinions, have skyrocketed over the last few weeks. He says THE funniest things. And they're all more adorable in his cute toddler voice.  It cracks me up and it just makes me realize more that he's his own little person developing. Here's some good ones I've heard lately:.......

1) FREEZE LIKE A POPSICLE! We were dancing around the other day and he told me this, and I about died! I'm assuming he learned it in school....

2) "You're so beautiful.  I love you BIG and TALL" YES YES YES TO ALL THE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS I finally get to hear after pouring every ounce of energy into this child over the last 2.5 years!!! He'll say them at random times and it just melts my heart. I was trying on a dress the other day in a fitting room and he told me: "Mommy, you look so pretty.".  And of course I BOUGHT THE DRESS.

3) "Jesus Lives In Texas." Yes sir. Yes He does. I did correct him that Jesus is everywhere, but I do feel like "God Blessed Texas with His own hands"..... ; ) (Sing it with me, folks...) 

4) "I look like Daddy.  Daddy handsome." Well, I guess that his backdoor way of being quite confident in his looks.  I don't think Greyson will struggle with self-image. He does think that anything that makes him look like Daddy is awesome, like wearing his hat backwards or his new "summer shoes". 

5) "When I get big, I drive a cement mixer and pour concrete in cracks".  These are the dreams of toddler. And I love it. The paper pushing business of this world is still unknown to him and a construction site is more exciting than the zoo to him.  I think it's in this boy's bones. He is OBSESSED with all the "mighty machines" and tools! 

Life just wears him out.  : ) 
I never know what I'm going to hear...(well, actually, he's quite the repeater, so sometimes I DO know what I'm going to hear.)

This little guy is so excited and amazed at life in general. I love watching him "see things" for the first time and form his opinions/likes/dislikes! I'm sure I'll be updating this list often!


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