Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Favorites: Guilty Pleasures

Well HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU! Honestly, with Summer here and absolutely no commitments or schedule (like Mother's Day Out or BSF), I wake up TOTALLY unsure of what day it even is most of the time.

And even though the extra hours wrangling my little bandit leave me exhausted by the end of the week, I am really enjoying my long days with him and freedom to just kind of wake up and decide what we wanna do that day.

Per usual, I'm linking up today with Erika for Friday Favorites!

I'll admit that I'm having a little trouble coming up with a topic for my Friday Favorites as I'm using most of my favorites moments throughout the week for the Summer O' Fun Recaps!  So I'll change it up today and go with something TOTALLY random! I'll fill you in on my favorite
"Guilty Pleasures".  These has really changed for me since becoming a here we go:

1) Going to a movie by myself: I used to think that going to a movie alone was probably the most depressing thing you could do, and now I think it's the most de-STRESSING thing to do.  Studio Movie Grill is not far from us, so to me there is nothing better than ordering whatever you want and actually being able to eat it all by yourself in the quiet of a theatre where you are not anyone's personal jungle gym. There always seems to be a Groupon for the tickets, too! This is certainly becoming one of my favorite pastimes. ; )

2) Taking a nap: Listen, my family has always believed in naps, and as a SAHM, I believe in it more than ever! All I need is about 20-25 minutes of some quiet shut-eye and I'm a new person. I realize this makes me sound super couch potato, but seriously, when G goes own for his nap, this is the only guaranteed break I'll get during the day. I don't have a silent commute, lunch break, (or even private bathroom breaks) while G is awake, so sometimes I indulge in a little nap.  Not every day, but when I feel like I'm losing it, I clock out and lay down.

3) Chocolate Cookies on Friday Nights: There's this Nestle Tollhouse brand of break-and-bake cookie called Dark Chocolate Chip and I'M OBSESSED.  I eat 2 EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT. I get so excited about my cookies that I even have a song. Kroger used to carry them, but I CANNOT find them at Kroger anymore.  I was devastated when they stopped carrying them.  I finally found them at our local Tom Thumb, and so I buy like 5 packs at a time. They are SO UNHEALTHY, but's my guilty pleasure.

4) Cherry Coke at Sonic: Need I say more?! The ICE...the cherry...the caffeeine. I would drink one every day if I could.

5) Spouse-less TV Binging: Don't even judge. You know you like the control of the remote when your spouse is away! Now listen, I would choose my hubby being home on time above ALL ELSE...but somebody's gotta pay the bills, right? ; ) Prince Charming has been working late a lot on his business launch, so when the cat's away.....the mouse will watch girly TV.  The Bachelor, Say Yes To the Dress, Hart of Dixie, Pretty Little Liars....give me ALL the girly! Right now I'm actually binging "How I Met Your Mother" (PLEASE don't give it away.) Jeremie and I actually do have some shows that we love to watch together. But hey, I'm no fool, I know that when I'm not around, he is more than excited to tune in to ALL THINGS ALASKA, Gold Rush, Alone, etc. If I get sucked into one more episode of Naked and Afraid, we're getting another TV. 

Bonus: And now that you think I'm a lazy slob who naps and watches TV all day while eating chocolate cookies, I will inform you of some productive guilty pleasures:

  • I LOVE waking up before everyone else. This was hard to start in the beginning, but if anyone gets up early with me, I'm just put out. I love to have my coffee, my quiet time, and collect my thoughts before the tribe gets going.  
  • I also LOVE making the bed.  I feel like I can move on with my day once the bed is made. It instantly makes our room look straight and instantly makes me feel productive!  

So that's it! There's my guilty pleasures! Would love to hear what yours are! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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