Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Favorites

Today, I bring you Friday Favorites from the good ole State of Mississippi. We are enjoying some family time and checking in on my sweet Grammy who has been a little under the weather. 

My already Southern accent will be so thick by the end of the week that I'll need closed captioning.  

1) We spent last night at Grammy's, which holds MANY memories for me! I spent so much time here. There are so many rooms to explore and Greyson is having a big time digging through all the closets that I used to play in as a kid.  

2) I hosted a Noonday Party this past week, and the theme was "Noonday Summer Soiree". I hit the jackpot on some summer/luau decor at The Dollar Tree.  SOMEBODY was super into the theme.....

I have NO IDEA how he knows what a hula dancer or hula moves are, but he was in it to win it. He told me to "turn on the music" and started shaking his hips!!!
The weather apparently didn't get the memo about my theme because it was raining cats and dogs. We still had a blast and the rain didn't steal our summer spirit! (P.S. The party will close today! You can still shop and place an order here!) Noonday is an amazing company that employs women through fair trade in countries where the cards are really stacked against them.  Every piece is handmade!

Here's some things I have my eye one! 

3) This week was also our first week of swim lessons. BLESS. I had high hopes people, but let's just say the majority of Greyson's time was screaming and the rest sitting by my feet watching the other kids during the lesson.  The second day, the teacher said she might recommend a "private lesson". I.E.: YOUR KID RUINED MY CLASSES AND CAN'T COME BACK UNTIL I STRAIGHTEN HIM OUT. 

At least he had the cute factor going for him in his swimsuit.
4) We enjoyed our buddy Preston visiting this week! During said visit, Preston squeezed through the spindles on the catwalk and on to a 10 foot high landing in our foyer. I'm learning to stay calm in crises. We coaxed him off the landing with the promise of chocolate and popcorn.

Mid-playdate, Greyson wanted to put on these onesie pajamas. He looked like Robert Duval on Lonesome Dove. Sometimes you just do what the monkey wants.

5) And GREAT HEAVENS! It sounds like everyone was READY to start they're Summer O' Fun and work on their bucket lists! I've loved hearing everybody's ideas! If you missed it, my post with the compiled list of ideas can be found here! We've already marked something off our bucket list last week at The Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano! All the details next week!

Now I'm off to eat some fried catfish, because that's what ALL Southern people do on Friday!!! HAPPY FRIDAY FOLKS! 

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